Way to deal with large amount of site index reduction

The link structure of 2, unreasonable

are two arms and two legs, a head and a mouth, two ears, two eyes and the structure of the human body, the fact that the site is the same, the first page list page (channel page, column page) – page form. The site also includes some other pages such as topic page, search page, page labels etc.. Both of these pages is the site, to form a complete structure of the human body. However, these single page how between interrelated, this is "a hub – link. Like the blood vessels of human body, the body parts are connected. If the part of the vascular problems, will cause harm, there are light bleeding, even lead to death. The site is the same, if not reasonable collocation website internal links to web site, will lead to serious obstacles in the spider crawling process, can’t even find some web pages of these minor status. If the site links too much, it will cause serious problems, search engine to remove dead links database, this is an important reason for the decline in site index.


site in the optimization process, to carry out the content and the chain, the chain and other aspects of promotion. However, the details of things, will be in a period of time after site optimization, there are a variety of problems. For example, the content of the website update quality and whether the chain is too single, use mass software website link building. If the website is collection of Internet resources, and without any modification, don’t care about the quality of the search engine, after the inspection process, it’s easy to see that the site is a garbage sites, once the search engine will determine from the spirit from the user point of view, the content of the website on the Internet highly repetitive things off the search. Just imagine, if the user is in the search for content, different website content is highly similar to those for even repeat, the search engine is not the meaning of existence. This is also the reason why the Web index dropped sharply.

1, on the site before the examination

recently often heard friends say a word: "the love of Shanghai is not in the exhaust, the Web index dropped a lot". Are complaining about love in Shanghai says this is what to do, is to make our site to the dead can? Then began a large jet in the forum and QQ group. Like to put out his heart this is not, in fact, Xiao Bian here want to say is that this kind of thing for the Web index reduced. The webmaster is not necessary in this way of discontent, the most important thing is to solve this situation from what aspects, rather than a vent, it give up the website.


more than two are the factors that cause the Web index decline, pay more attention to the former website content >

problems, or to solve the problem in the way to think about. The following small series from two aspects about the factors of site index reduced.

Think of the point of view of search engine optimization is not mysterious

second, search engine optimization to reference a competitor’s site. Our analysis of multi angle search engine optimization, is actually required owners out of their own optimization narrow field, observe others optimization strategies and techniques, any one industry must be optimized to do good site, as a webmaster to do a good job in addition to your own web site optimization every day, but also carefully observe carefully the peer site, look at others with what strategies and optimization techniques in the optimization of the website, such as the day the update number, which is released every day outside the chain of every marketing platform? How to start so? Pay attention to these details can make us a more detailed understanding of competitors, the enemy, baizhanbudai used in search engine optimization also also, we have to do is learn from each other, with the strengths of others, we did not find the details to make up for our The lack of, so that we maximize the advantages, it can essentially good service to our users, from a long-term perspective to beat our competitors.

as everyone knows, the search engine optimization is to construct high quality information through their own website, the external high weight platform to collect and promote their website to make your site weight, love Shanghai recommended to a more prominent position, in fact, another point you will find the search engine optimization is not very difficult, the key is to hold an honest optimization mentality, playing some small smart optimization strategy and optimization way undoubtedly we advocate is good, the author draw further apart, with their own optimization of knowledge understanding and detailed analysis, search engine optimization, we should through the details of what to think, well, short gossip continued, we enter today the theme of empathy perspective on search engine optimization is not mysterious.

first, search engine optimization should pay more attention to the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform file. Most of the time is not our optimization technology is not in place, the key is not completely clear understanding of love for Shanghai has caused the loss of fundamental policy, the result is bad, love Shanghai since the promotion Webmaster Platform, webmaster and love Shanghai contact distance becomes shorter, the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform over a period of time will be to Shanghai search engine for the demands of "optimum feedback, as long as the landing platform webmaster will see the love Shanghai official statement, take the recent love Shanghai web search quality white paper, for the quality of website content, the browsing experience various details one by one, as a webmaster we optimize the website before must control these requirements. Some, not suitable for optimization methods suitable for removal can.

third, search engine optimization to learn as an outsider to the analysis of website. The first point, second point we are not out of the theme of the optimization, or through some optimization strategies to optimize the analysis of our thoughts, the author expounds the third points to how a spectator’s point of view to look at our website optimization, which we will completely get rid of the existing optimization strategy, customer, third go to the "

Fast recovery experience love Shanghai weight share

1. is the first rule Links connection >

, found the problem

3, to check the website of the Shanghai love ranking, found "training courses", "training" and other core keywords ranking still maintain the original appearance, but a sample of 200 basic details page ranking fell to second, the long tail word out, love Shanghai over natural flow a lot less, certainly love Shanghai site weight was lowered, but fortunately every day the contents are also included, only the ranking is not very good.

1, July 10th found that web site traffic anomaly: internal server traffic statistics soared from 30 thousand to 60 thousand, and see the Google statistics on the flow has been reduced by more than 10 thousand, and then a careful look at the love of Shanghai over the flow decreased by 10 thousand due to.

my this for 8 years (website Amoy class network www.taoke贵族宝贝) in July 10, 2013 about the move, overnight love flow of Shanghai lost 2/3, daily traffic decreased by nearly 10 thousand. After a month of hard work, restore love Shanghai weight and traffic, now put the things I’ve done to share, hoping to help to have the same experience of stationmaster friends.

experience several times according to previous experience, combined with the recent love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, I may be the following reasons analysis and measures:

two, website is love Shanghai right down and Countermeasures:

Get the Analysis of the causes of

access source 2, check the server, found that there are two special IP to our website to import traffic, the statistical traffic soared, but all of them are invalid flow, will not have any advice, there must be someone.

B, September 20, 2010, decreased from 11 thousand to 6000, 3 weeks after recovery;

A, June 11, 2010, decreased from 12 thousand to 7000, after 1 months of recovery;

the last 5 years, our website is love Shanghai traffic overall rising trend, only occurred in 2010 when

C, December 25, 2010 – January 15, 2011, decreased from 12 thousand to 3000, 3 weeks after recovery.

as everyone knows, love Shanghai algorithm is always in change and adjustment, there are a large number of the sites in the move every year, stationmaster friends with always on tenterhooks. 2013 love Shanghai algorithm is more frequent, what Scindapsus algorithm, Mars, pomegranate algorithm and so on, wave after wave.

– 贵族宝贝18086150.37.sqnet.cn/12.htm

– 贵族宝贝180.186.16.196/12.htm

A5 analysis of enterprise marketing the competition of how visual stationmaster a keyword

first, see the URL link. We all know that the home page keyword ranking than other pages have an advantage, generally speaking, when a keyword search results ranked in the top ten include more than three non home page link, then this keyword is generally less competitive, if the top twenty is the domain name or web page links then, the keywords competition is not low. The simplest and most common example is the medical website, if medical website owners should know that the words are full of medical home, but now the home did not have the love of Shanghai medical is very eccentric, other keywords enterprise website can through the analysis of the sample, but the author found that web site keywords the small and medium-sized enterprises are competitive products, these products are not great.

just fell in love with the sea search keywords of an enterprise, and then we look at the domain name page number, such as the keywords, burdock tea index more than 800, search home page shows 3-4 main domain name, the other is the category page and content page, so you can determine the key words the competition is not very strong, suitable for the optimization of key words, if the main domain name is 5-8, then the keywords for optimization, >

said, the station will be part of the enterprise because of the keyword competition and trouble, if not out of the competitive analysis of key words is difficult to optimize the word, keyword is hard to beat the competition in the rankings, because they do not know of no competitive keywords. However, many enterprises in order to make the webmaster keywords to get better ranking and can make keywords bring direct target customers, many webmaster do most of the analysis of the key words, the competitive keywords firmly in their own hands.


, a URL


has found a problem, rarely met in the enterprise in a competition on the keyword analysis done, but directly to the keywords used optimization, some enterprises even thousands of webmaster keywords index to optimize, resulting in delayed keyword effect, but also can not give the enterprise website keywords bring target some users, webmasters may also reflect a problem, let the enterprise boss optimize this keyword must listen to the boss, but the novel, if the boss to get optimized keywords to do after an order analysis, look at the competitive keywords are, if the degree of competition and to optimize the word time long and can not bring traffic and target users in the short term, and fully reflect the boss and do other keywords, but also to To do the analysis of competitive analysis, after all can let you know too much. So today I write this article is to help some enterprises owners to on their own to do or have done has been ranked keywords, do a simple analysis of the competition, is mainly visual Oh, if visual not accurate it is bad. I hope you can communicate with the author after reading.

For example: the

Love is love Shanghai Shanghai may test version of +1

friends can click here to view the specific situation.


I then try to other key sites for the search, most of the results did not appear behind the recommended gesture. But behind the search results of贵族宝贝 and baidu贵族宝贝 of the noble baby is part of the gesture and the recommended number of. This shows that Shanghai is indeed the love may be deployed in the test button. But another strange thing is just colleagues with IE and Chrome cannot see this button to see Firefox (Chrome I can see), what reason is this



today @ City micro-blog released 1 micro-blog screenshot shows a similar gesture recommended +1 and Facebook Like baby aristocratic style appears behind the search results of the love of Shanghai. Love @ Shanghai is testing its own such a recommended



No. 6 window is runningYiqifa Nalan CPA registered advertising line CPA 3 yuan a


  now very regret, regret should not only look at the interests of the moment, see the popup ads to make money so easy and the heart, see No. 6 pop advertisement and have registered, put the code to start waiting for money, advertising is a Trojan horse I will not say more, I believe it is clear…… I want to say is that my account should be paid when the money, then the site has gone on foot, we can go to see, 7.24 days after the Commission will no longer pay, and their customer service can not contact! Pity me. I still have money in it…… It’s depressing……

, pop ads will not do, I suggest you do not do this kind of advertising!

  Domain Name:   Registrar: 6TAN
    Whois Server:; whois.paycenter.cn
    Referral; URL: xinnet
    Name; Server: NS2.XINNETDNS
    Name; Server: NS2.XINNET.CN
    Status:; clientTransferProhibited
    Status:; clientUpdateProhibited
    Status:; clientDeleteProhibited
    Updated; Date: 07-jun-2007
    Creation; Date: 01-mar-2006
    Expiration; Date: 01-mar-2008

Domain Name:6tan

yao Yong Road 5> cheng

                                                              & nbsp;;                                                                                  

effective user price: 3 yuan /  

data returned:
third days to confirm the effective data of the day before the holidays

must make a real message and the phone is answered.

valid user definitions: your name, contact information, e-mail, mailing address, message.

After Yiqifa union advertising alliance platform alliance more information as in: top.admin5/u

if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

, everybody Webmaster:
              everybody is good! CPA registered on-line advertising style.

Analysis of the factors which reduce the web page out rate

two: the web page layout of chaos. Everyone is in the web page is simple and generous love page, rather than some out of order. The web page is too messy if visitors suddenly off the page, the influence of such words to site is great. Simply a few points to note. Many sites have put love video flash file good, in order to attract the attention of the user, this is a good starting point, but some sites enter the home is a big video files in there, enter the homepage video will start playing automatically, such can let the visitor’s computer is so laggy, the user is not so much patience, directly off the page, the page also use of background music, the background music needs to be loaded, when a web site is open no sound, and had only a moment out of music, it will scare visitors. Sometimes you can find some websites due to sell their own website products, from the middle of the page pops up a small window ask whether you need help, this.

web page out rate refers to the user a page in the reading website shut percentage page account for a group of pages. With a simple mathematical formula to express the web page out rate: the number of users is reading a page number divided by the users to close the page website. The bounce rate in the optimization site is to be taken to the station, the bounce rate can make the webmaster to analyze their web pages which have shortcomings, for these deficiencies to be modified to improve the overall quality of your site. Now I come to the web page of lower bounce rate factors.

: a web site update leads to less content and not attract visitors. Many webmaster web sites are some small sites, small sites is to keep updated regularly, if the site does not regularly update the content, not only will cause a certain impact on visitors, will also affect the search engine web page, many users through the search engine to access the web page, if your site not updated for a long time, no the update means no new content, so users point in will leave soon, won’t go to the other page of the web site, and some owners have been concerned about the information outside the chain, a large number of publishing their own site outside the chain, on their website article not updated, will lead to the site included on the page, no home page snapshot update. In the update of the website article, should pay attention to the site’s content features, to try to original, the keyword on the basis of the distribution from the visitors’ interests, the user is in you, how to guide the user through the page to enter other website page is for us to consider, many webmaster through online copy articles published in their own on the website, this article not only copy and paste to the search engine doesn’t love, you will not love. So be sure to write their own copy of the article, at least to look down and then modify, and then released on its website, in order to increase the user on the other page of the website can link the viscosity at the bottom and also optimize the chain benefits within the station.

Analysis site right down to judging and solving methods

: the first benchmark data on Shanghai Longfeng data will generally anomaly, Shanghai dragon data weathervane is through the daily sampling 100 thousand sites to analysis data, relatively accurate.

website is one of the most worried about whether the reasons for the adjustment will be right down, in fact, love Shanghai algorithm is recommended for everyone to get experience to improve web site rankings, but most of the website is to completely replace the industry, or directly to a new site including the database template program to replace all. Here to remind friends, before the revision, please list the revision and contrast before the revision, the revised benefits after the revision of the advantages, it is not recommended that the replacement of URL and database etc.. Of course, if you are ready for the long-term development and the establishment of a new site, then is a new transformation, but I suggest you change a new domain from the new, old 301 domain to the new domain name, the domain name weight when the old domain inheritance, is very easy to love Shanghai assessment period.

NO4, the opponent beyond

when your website did not do any adjustment, there is no reason the website ranking drop, flow down, do not rush to judge whether the site right down, probably love Shanghai algorithm self adjustment due to the fluctuations of the website ranking. Then love Shanghai some abnormal adjustment algorithm.

This point is not used for the love

site adjustmentThe

third: love from Shanghai algorithm adjustment announcement, like Shanghai told us Scindapsus algorithm, when the algorithm introduced many site Scindapsus, mistaken for violation of Scindapsus algorithm and drop right, then the site of natural restoration.

second love stand tool floating data, you can analyze your web site keywords overall floating, you can also analyze other website keywords overall floating data, analysis of several peer data, multi analysis data to several colleagues, determine whether love Shanghai adjustment.

NO1, Shanghai

Key words:

since mid June to the present, most of the website ranking floating is very large, the phenomenon of a lot of friends for their own judgment website right down, this revision eventually led to the website real right down, come from the data analysis, the main reason for most of the site to drop right is to love Shanghai self adjustment. In order to avoid the similar things happen, this paper records the site right down to determine causes and solutions.

drop right fan >

the site was attacked and you did not find, but does not mean you site is not being attacked, many industry will come with your gray weight to promote his products through the website to steal your folders in a page. There are many sites will add dark chain means on your page, here recommended you to do a good automatic backup site, when you can not solve the problem, can fully recover all data, and installation of online monitoring system of Web sites and other security measures.

Could you


NO2, the site was attacked

Classification of the chain note and the acquisition mode




chain refers to from other websites into their own websites. Link is a very important process for website optimization. Directly determines the quality of incoming links to our website in search engine weight and keywords ranking. Speaking of the chain can improve your weight, it will talk about the operating principle of search engines: the search engine spiders to crawl web page as much as possible, it will follow a link on the page, a page from the climb to the next page, like a spider in the web crawling, this is the name of the search the main engine spiders.

chain is divided into the following four types:

by adding text hyperlink hyperlink in the text. Anchor text can be said to be the site of Shanghai Longfeng effect is the biggest form of the chain, the chain is a large factor to improve to the site for a keyword ranking quality. The weight of the anchor text chain is passed directly to the text keywords, that is to say we use what word do anchor text, then the word in the corresponding link to the site’s ranking has improved (may understand what I mean?). A Links to anchor text links.


in addition, or we should be careful with the chain of love Shanghai platform, all don’t expect love in Shanghai, pay attention to the breadth of the chain of love, Shanghai will certainly gradually decreased the weight of their products, even as love experiences like Shanghai >

picture adding links, click on the picture automatically transferred to the link address. If the picture is not a description of the alt, equivalent to the effect of hyperlinks, and describe the equivalent of the anchor text chain.

link anchor text The The text of the link


3, pure text links

is to click the link, it will jump to the link to the page links. This kind of action: the chain transfer weight, guide the spider crawling, improve your weight, average weight is assigned to the keyword of the website. To enhance the site’s weight, hyperlinks do seem to be a little effect is stronger than the anchor text.

only without hyperlinks. This link because there is no hyperlink, the user can not reach to page by clicking directly, but customers can also through the copy and paste into the specified web page. Pure text links in the optimization effect and user experience than the hyperlink and anchor text, but to improve the chain breadth and play a certain role. The link can not directly transfer the weight, but now many of the forum and platform can publish text outside the chain, so it should be a source of future will gradually become the main chain, as long as your site has value, meet the needs of users, or can bring certain flow, and these will have indirect the increase of the construction of the website weight, also said the station content, this is very important, the content of your site to really meet the needs of users.


How do the Chain Forum

28 is our webmaster forum outside the chain often go to places, such as forums such as the tui18, the weight of up to 6, to the hair of the chain and pushed us every day, 28 post daily amount has reached tens of thousands, according to common sense, the amount included 28 sites should be will push a lot of growth every day, but the following data will make you terrified.

Hello, I love everyone, see flowers bloom Yan of the harvest, I believe there will be a lot of people think I (or me), today to share the dry cargo is how to do outside the chain of the forum, perhaps you will say: "the forum outside the chain? We also use a hand will do you teach?". But I would like to ask you, you go to the forum every day outside the chain, can do signature, your ranking rose up? Do you really know how to send the chain in the forum? Today’s content maybe for some people may have not heard, maybe I don’t say that you will never understand, please prepare antihypertensive drugs before see below.

from the picture we can see that the 28 push included volume is more than 830 thousand, but we look at the 28 months included history, we find that the result is not what we want.

to do 28 push BBS for example, let you really understand you outside of the chain is how useless.

for many people, every day is to go to the 28 or 18 push push forum login to your account, then go to someone else’s website or your website copy an article (some people will use the software to send, pseudo original) after waiting included on the line, and some companies even require employees every day dozens or hundreds of articles published in the forum outside the chain, but the ranking has really come to

from the picture we can see that in June 4th when the amount collected is 1 million, and in June 12th when the amount collected is 800 thousand, that is to say after a few days of this time included the amount of 28 to push the reduced, perhaps you will say now in the maintenance of 28, included the decrease in the number is also normal, well, the next data show that I say is right.

how do you do outside the chain of

network and the network rubbish forced migrant workers

Forum ?Manufacturer of



own harvest from that period is over, deeply understand the "Shanghai dragon chain specialist" every day to do what work, send the chain, do false original, exchange friendship chain, this is what we to do every day, but it is because of these actions led to the emergence of spam, tens of thousands of Internet so, in our efforts to usher in the love of Shanghai "earthquake", until now, you still not understand? If you are so hard to force the hair of the chain and articles that you are thorough network spammers and "network of migrant workers".


Baby Analytics five set the noble experience

, to create the original data configuration file:


any noble baby Analytics accounts must be set up an original configuration file, in addition to the recommended configuration file filter internal access, the rest are not set, the original data is very important.

is mainly used for noble baby Analytics departments assigned jobs account. Why start to flow out of these segments? This is because the newly created profile statistics are created from day to begin the work, the historical data are not synchronized, sometimes with the development of the company, personnel and organizational structure changes, there will be more and more demand for the GA account permissions management, the advance create these segments of the channel flow profile is very necessary.

in the old version of noble baby Analytics as an example, the main entrance is as below:

1, create Shanghai dragon flow profile subdivision, create filter containing only the Shanghai Longfeng traffic sources access (organic), can use the user manager to specify the Shanghai dragon view only Shanghai dragon traffic department.

2, create a segment of the SEM configuration file flow, create filter only contains SEM traffic source access (CPC), ibid.

The noble


three, create sub channels traffic source configuration file:


Analytics help: how to add baby, did not say the profile?. The following figure:

              Analytics is the famous aristocratic nobility baby baby website provides the Internet Co statistics service, can access data statistics and analysis of the target site, and provide a variety of parameters for website owners to use. From the Internet to join now, I have been using the noble baby Analytics (analysis) tools, the following is a personal summary about noble baby Analytics settings five experience, especially suitable for the opening of the new aristocracy baby Analytics account.

filter is used for testing all kinds of work, there is no problem and then applied to other configuration files.

two, create a test for the configuration file:


3, other sources of channel flow configuration file according to the website operation and marketing requirements >

Five basic points share page keywords optimization

page keyword optimization is not the most important accumulation of keywords, but through the label, link anchor text, text keywords, internal links for. These places if the distribution is reasonable, so the site will do the internal optimization, would be a good support for keywords ranking. Well, begin today’s text.

First, use The

Tags: Keywords must appear in the label, the label is the basic HTML tags, but for search engines to determine the importance of keywords is a very big help, but also allows users to have a good experience. Common tag title tags (title), because now the title is a very important factor in ranking the reference; the other is the description tag, Keywords tag, H tag, and ALT tag pictures. Reasonable use of these labels is the foundation of internal optimization. Keywords should appear in these tags.

second, keyword density: now many webmaster said keyword density don’t pay attention to, as long as the natural use of it. My personal feeling is not too concerned about, if you are on the page keywords appear more natural, so much a few times anyway. But the list of factors is to tell you not to accumulate words today. Reasonable page and accumulation of keywords is a different concept, because the love of Shanghai has its own unique Chinese segmentation algorithm, if natural writing words, many words will be split or merged into other related words, so don’t worry too much about the density. While the pure accumulation of the search engine will easily figure out.

third, appear in the text: the best keywords appear in the text, we update the website articles, links will certainly and keywords, so there are keywords is inevitable, the title of the article is the best in the keyword, because the title H1 tag, this weight will be higher. If there is a keyword in the text, then try to use bold or italic to emphasize, if there were many, only need to emphasize one or two times on the line. In addition, the best keywords at the beginning of the text position, the purpose is to let the search engine to quickly find keywords.

fourth, URL: use appropriate keyword appears in the URL may be helpful to the user, under normal circumstances, there will be more English page contains keywords URL, and Chinese if there is often in the form of keyword string. If possible, the keyword appears in the file name or directory name is a good way. Of course, here refers to the British.

usually do Shanghai Longfeng, our focus is to optimize the site keywords, keywords ranking only up, will have a good flow and conversion rate, but not external optimization blindly and ignore the internal key internal page optimization also ten points necessary, five basic points today and everyone share page keyword optimization, we hope to help.

Graphael Search to make search more simple

Search and Graphael compared to the traditional noble baby Graphael search, Search search results either in information or in the social aspects are more able to meet the needs of users. And nobility baby search results are based on public information disclosure, Graphael, and Search search results from the user to share. This information is not publicly available and each user’s search results are not the same, more personalized.

embarrassing baby

also pointed out that Facebook is very ambitious, Facebook not only to dominate the social field and even the search field overlord noble baby spell on a spell. Who in the social field baby social product is noble baby + dide Guo Facebook, and now Facebook is in the search copy nobility baby posterior, which will undoubtedly make the noble baby into a new awkwardness.

‘s Graphael Search will make the noble baby into a new embarrassment, because Graphael Search not only make the noble line baby in the social field fell in, is to let the baby in the search field is noble in the passive.

why is the new embarrassment? Because earlier in the United States nobility baby is suffering a embarrassing encirclement war, some including Yelp mobile application America let search become more accurate, vertical. The user through these new mobile applications can find the information they need in a short time without going through such a traditional search the noble baby. But with the rise of mobile Internet, users are more inclined to these new mobile applications, this baby for the noble is absolutely an embarrassment. Once, Song Congming specifically wrote an article "mobile Internet is leather search life" to discuss the matter. But in the noble baby is a positive response when the mobile application and Facebook Graphael Search on the line but let the nobility baby into a new awkwardness.

Zuckerberg once said, people use the search engine to answer the question, but Graphael Search can.

into a new

recently, Facebook launched its new social search Graphael Search. In all Facebook copying it and that when regret it no longer has the creativity, Facebook this highly innovative initiatives to make people once again to restore confidence. The on-line Graphael Search for Facebook both in the social field or consolidation in the search area of expansion is very important.

The noble


Good SEO content show


because search engines do not recognize pictures, there is a site open speed slow time picture open, the ALT tag can tell the user and search engine pictures, so it is very important for understanding the content of the picture search engine, reasonable application of ALT tags can promote the keywords ranking.

3, do the anchor link

and ALT images

1, website content service website core value, prominent website core value.

2, the content of the website for the user, the search engine is just an ordinary customer site.

5, the rational use of the special website


this link: 贵族宝贝surfphp Shanghai,贵族宝贝>

? interactive function

users and search engines through the anchor link to access a web page, the user and the search engine is through the anchor text to understand the central meaning of the web page, directly determines whether the user to open web pages, so do the anchor links can improve the site keywords ranking.

7, the content of

we update the contents of the time, to stand in the perspective of the user, write the user interest, user thinks that the value of the article, the user can solve the problem of the article, this article is valuable articles, valuable articles can promote the website key word ranking.

and graphicsThe content of the website and the

for example we do website optimization, website content, website should focus on site optimization to carry out, if not around this theme, such as adding the funny content, the content has nothing to do with the real-time information website optimization, actually hurt the user experience is relatively large, imagine a person looking for website optimization content, he told funny the information is not interested, do harm to the user experience.

type Web2.0 website can increase interactivity, allowing users to comment on "value, through user behavior analysis of web content can be the value of the search engine, which content high value have a good ranking.

web content more, very rich in resources, causing the user to find the content they want is difficult, so the core content, key content can be considered special, is convenient for the user to find the core content, the focus of the web site content, and then improve the website user experience.

search engine ranking factors influence a lot, today I mainly talk about the good content of the construction of search engine optimization influence keywords ranking, how to make high quality content for the construction of

graphics users can easily read and understand, so the appropriate graphics with the article, to improve the overall quality of the content of the website is a great help, the purpose is to produce high quality content.

6, increase website

Beware of the server is not stable on the website rankings and included the

included in the No. 25 Baidu has about 1500 articles, the second day I work, found that only about 600 articles, there is no complete recovery. Before the keywords ranking almost No. Noble baby home page is not know where to go out, in front of the row is a page. Said the Internet to restore the case may have to wait a week or so, I now also only so, honest and content. Here comes the stability of the site, is taking the first consideration of the choice, in this half a month, I have changed three business space.

Now look at

is the first choice of the new network, I believe his brand is relatively large, should not be a problem, the results are often not open.


if you have good business space, do not have recommended you, not like me detours; this is just my personal situation, maybe my bad luck. Previously heard of the stability of the site is important, just the beginning I did not pay attention, now the experience is, the only hope that the website earlier to restore it.


third times, is now, I replaced the Western Digital Linux VPS (yesterday day, good trouble, only configuration) in less than two days, I hope not to see what the problem, Amen.

said because the effect of robots.txt on the website, the server about the stability of the rankings included effects. These are my own experience, perhaps just an individual or a coincidence, but we do not consider the case.

in January 25th

in January 26th

second I have a friend recommended a new generation of Guangzhou, I used the results in less than a week out of the four questions, 26 am is one of the longest time.


The last time the

January 24,25,26 from the search engines to statistics.

happened in a just on the line on the website, is finishing some encyclopedia prescription and share some of the wisdom of life website.

you see this figure, may have to ask why the number 25 so much to flow from the baidu? The problem appeared in the early 26’s website is a problem can not be accessed from 2011-1-26 1:05:54 to 2011-1-26 7:33:36 is a problem, I use the Chinaz website and mother, if the site a problem can remind.

in January 24th

Foreign trade English site should be how to treat the nofollow attribute of the chain

nofollow attribute nobility baby introduce the link, discuss a nofollow attribute block chain of Shanghai dragon and web site overall ranking value has stopped. The issue some think outside the chain of the nofollow attribute of Shanghai dragon is valuable wood, is the chicken ribs, ignored; some believe that the nofollow attribute value to PR although the link website search engine is the improper by a chain link for the site, but the search engine will record the link, will transfer the relevance of the theme to contribute or on the website ranking, should be in the chain into consideration; and Middle School of thought, the chain is not only the Shanghai dragon, the direct flow can also bring the high quality of the chain, if the site is high quality website authoritative, so also will be caused by the chain to the site take to the directional flow directly, in the short term to flow is direct, long-term, more people visit the more likely to be visitors elsewhere cited elsewhere may be nofoll links Ow may also be dofollow, then indirectly from the correlation and Shanghai Longfeng value terms are helpful, their attitude is a link is better than none. Then, as China foreign trade enterprises, how to own foreign trade English site to develop a reasonable marketing plan, English chain construction and how to look at the website of Shanghai foreign trade English Longfeng work around but the chain of nofollow

Nofollow links definitely don t pass PageRank.Over the ‘years, I’ ve seen a few corner cases where a nofollow link did pass anchortext, normally due to bugs in indexing that we then fixed.The es>

Matt Cutts said:

?Look at the baby into the noble intent of Since 2005

of the nofollow property is to control the webmaster more for link properties, such as the blog comments and three party contributions as a "no confidence", and this information to nofollow in the form of transfer to the noble baby know; you can control the mobile station on the PR for example, home to privacy policies and terms link is set to nofollow, the PR can avoid the allocation of limited to these useless page, the page is less the PR value less the more reserved shunt, such as a man; for the station to buy their own advertising, links can be made of nofollow, used to prevent the noble baby a large number of the chain purchasing behavior in the search engine ranking manipulation and so on.

Several key problems of Amoy startedEntrepreneurial story PublikDemand group gathering rights

PublikDemand four operations team, in MS. coutney · Powell

Kootenay is not old, but has 7 years of experience in the field of marketing. As early as the age of 20 she joined the marketing company Boundless Network, responsible for marketing and PR business. 3 years ago, Kootenay set up his own marketing automation company LeedSeed, is still in operation.

encountered in disregard of cable providers, has extensive experience in the 27 year old girl coutney · in marketing communications; Powell Courtney Powell think, sound and the power of one person not worth mentioning, so thousands of tens of thousands of people together with the big companies dealing with what will happen? This is the origin of its PublikDemand.

The first is

here refers to the planning, when you are ready to start Amoy tour, do not blindly start luxury without a clue, today built website, half a month later found not, began blogging, and half a month after the discovery of the effect is not ideal, and ready to go to the post…… It’s unwise to change step by step. Under the situation of guest know take some time to open, seriously and carefully, and before the people’s experience, I think it will take at least half a month, completely familiar with it, and make notes. After having a certain understanding of the basis of their own, and now began planning their own ideas, there must be a plan. I have to sort out a plan and start with what I should do, such as websites, forums, , mailboxes, blogs, etc.. For each item, they must have a specific implementation plan. For example, start from the web site, the domain name of the site is critical, do not covet fast, save trouble, from the agent that casually buy a meaningless domain name. The choice of domain names and design must be careful, and they can talk to friends around the discussion, until you want to at least feel satisfied with the domain name, that is, spent a week is worth. The selected web site program, which involves something very complicated, complex here is not to say to you to design the website source complex, I believe that for most guest novice, the possibility of their web design is almost zero. Not tight, never mind, because many people are not, but we have to learn how to choose one of their own satisfaction, all aspects are very good site procedures, development, advantages and disadvantages of the selected site must be clear of the procedure and the future search engine included a series of questions and so on. Very few people in these circumstances sell your source code, will personally tell you how to do it, search their own information under the relevant, they have to accumulate a certain amount of knowledge in this area. Make money!

1: rational planning

in my own Amoy net "sago" built before, access to a lot of Tao guest experience and practice, to see a lot of Amoy concludes that "more than 3 months, why I haven’t been income" and "the site I do for a long time after realizing the importance of the blog" etc.. Many novice Amoy are like today that others care for this and lose that, to promote through forums, and they quickly began to learn to post, see others do blog promotion tomorrow, and then he rushed to apply for a blog, in short is a step step in learning, not one of their own ideas. The following is a personal summary of my thoughts, hoping to be helpful for friends to contact guest.

AT& T Internet subscription packages is the best case so far play a role in the case of PublikDemand. Matt · Spacca Reilly Matt Spaccarelli is a "United States of California

in March this year, she and three friends started PublikDemand is to give more isolated consumers a platform, using the Internet and social networks, with the power of groups to gain respect and solve problems, against companies that ignore consumer opinions. Kootenay said: "when tens of thousands of consumers at the same time sound, large companies will have to listen carefully and make a change".

which was founded in 5 months the company tenet as its name: PublikDemand public demand. Dissatisfaction with the big company service complaints on the site, and then invited Facebook and Twitter friends to support the formation of a certain scale, attract media coverage, eventually forcing companies to make concessions, meet the legitimate needs of consumers.

technology Zheng Jun from the bottom of the U.S. Silicon Valley

and PublikDemand play the role of the media on behalf of consumers, dealing with a large firm. The most creative, once the company A refuses to budge, PublikDemand will find the company rival B to persuade B to provide a better solution to attract disgruntled A consumers, direct collapse of A users’ loyalty.

Amoy in 10 years on February, from curiosity, impulse, fantasy, start, until now, step by step, already nearly 2 months time, in fact, can not say 2 months, really spent on its website the time is less than 1 weeks. As a student, a guest novice, I feel like a treat "guest" students treat their own learning, not just as long as the heart, to heart, know how to think.

at the airport with undue delay flights on operators from King terms, customer service complaints only for "sorry, we are incapable of action", "this is our rules" cold answer, anger you but their weak, unable to resist the powerful company. How to do

? Sina


Artificial intelligence star scientist Li Feifei’s day in BeijingThe gold stand share ideas about Wa


Li Feifei did not take a personal assistant, two young organizers staff tried to escort Li Feifei from the crowd to a VIP lounge, but they couldn’t finish the task in the case to avoid physical contact. The honeycomb concentric crowd moved slowly toward the door. Suddenly, like the collapse of the Domino, a staff member is pushed by the layers of lost focus, to the side fell behind him, standing on the other an audience, and the audience has no way back, his back is placed in front of the stage for the TV display the prompt. The staff, the audience and the monitor fell together, and the monitor was on another journalist’s foot.

as a result of two years of "academic leave", January 3, 2017, Li Feifei officially joined shlf1314 Cloud as chief scientist, she explained in different occasions: the cloud is the most suitable for the development of artificial intelligence platform, not just storage, more important is the data calculation. Prior to this, as artificial intelligence experts and scholars have defected to major science and technology

, after a public speech at the end of the campaign, is a leader in the field of artificial intelligence, computer vision, Li Feifei, Professor of life at Stanford University and director of the laboratory for artificial intelligence Fei-fei Li. She doesn’t seem to be very good at this kind of scene. Photo, signature, plus WeChat, exchange business cards, she did not refuse, but also politely in the hubbub of the personally explained: "sorry, I have the next interview."". Although no one could hear or hear, he did not mind.

topic is a bit strange, how to change can not change the taste I want to express, we will look at it, we directly to the subject.



Taobao was founded in 03, as of December 31, 2008, the number of registered members of more than 98 million people. A large number of sellers to promote the strong demand, just Taobao advertising display has been unable to meet the needs of the seller, Taobao sellers need more effective promotion means to expand their industry chain. Thus, the birth of the Taobao customers this profession, but also with the Taobao alliance this site.

download requirements derived from

needs to derive new industries, but this demand must be built in a large market environment and must be a long-term and large demand.

Chinese enthusiasm for artificial intelligence led to a scene of chaos.

and pay to download this point, and some people see business opportunities, you download, I give money. Such sites take part of his commission from SkyDrive station and return it to the user. However, the development is not very satisfactory, and the development of the SkyDrive station at the upper level is not ideal, and it will certainly affect the returning station. And whether the system is allowed is still a big problem. In the early days, the basic thing is to burn money. Such sites have paid2download:

this confusion, can be used as "artificial intelligence" this topic in recent years in China, "red" footnote.

derived from Taobao

from Taobao – Taobao sellers – Taobao Alliance – Taobao customers – back Commission site – buyers – Taobao, the relationship between the five has been complementary

I am not optimistic about this station, the page is too rough, and the site system is not perfect.

Taobao alliance unique form of return, created countless Taobao customers, cattle, but also to meet the interests of the seller, the seller’s interests have been inflated, the promotion of the benefits have been guaranteed. And promoters in order to achieve greater benefits, they are no longer confined to the promotion of the problem, began to think about the effectiveness of buyers. And then a new form of website has been derived, which is more representative of the rebate network and the return network.

resource download needs, software download needs of the SkyDrive station, SkyDrive station in the form of free or charge to the user to provide SkyDrive resources. And because of the fierce competition, some SkyDrive stations provide paid downloads, you upload files to the SkyDrive station, others here SkyDrive download this resource, SkyDrive will pay you certain money as a reward. But the SkyDrive station form is single, and in combination with other Wangzhuan form, SkyDrive site is an irresistible trend of development, more representative of a sharecash:

we can >


on January 14th at 7 in the morning and more, Li Feifei came to Geek Park in Beijing 798 GIF 17 activities scene, she was the first guest speaker in the morning, before that, but also to accept a small interview. The day before, Li Feifei had just flown over from the United States, but she could hardly find any shadow of the time difference.



Li Feifei immigrated to the United States with her parents in 1993, when she was 16. She was the last Chinese student to go through a plate. During her schooling, she worked as a cleaner and opened a dry cleaner shop. The image of that generation was quite different from that of the Chinese students now. The Physics Department of Princeton University after graduation, she was searching for the ideal, in Tibet a year of Tibetan medicine, 2005 Ph.D. in electrical engineering at the California Institute of Technology, 2012 served as associate professor at the Stanford University Professor. Her involvement in leadership, the creation of ImageNet, the project, and a series of subsequent work influenced the development of the entire field of computer vision.

To make money online, you need to understand the online advertising allianceDo Wangzhuan owners can

online to make money in many forms, and online advertising alliance is a mainstream form can not be ignored, the following brief introduction to everyone.


1 is based on the advertising alliance’s alliance with advertisers:

, welcome to my copy station network and see how I did it. This is my secret of earning thousands. My Q642862155, welcome to exchange, the original text from the imitation station network www.98nuo prohibit reprint to remove part of the content

network advertising alliance involves more content and participants, there are different classification standards, the briefing mainly introduces two categories of classification standards:

in the online advertising agency, advertising through advertising advertisers for many small and medium enterprises or the Internet website, brand advertisers advertising costs are relatively few, through advertising advertising can save marketing expenses, improve the quality of marketing and save a large number of online advertising sales costs.

Definition of

‘s clear point is how to attract visitors who are interested in your content with content. So you need to optimize your every page, every article. Even if you are a collection of articles, you can optimize a keyword density, modify the title of the key position, add a few key word content, will make you more than the original article ranking before. Attracted to the direction of the crowd, you are not afraid of advertising, no one no one to see. Some people say that advertising will affect the amount of experience, but in fact, this is not the case. If you combine well, not only will not affect the experience, but also more beautiful, more customers feel that your content is very suitable for him, your content is exactly what he is looking for.

network advertising: refers to the main advertising through the network advertising alliance, and according to the actual effect of online advertising such as sales, guide number, number of clicks and impressions etc. pay for advertising advertisers.

• third party advertising alliance

1. online advertising alliance

online advertising alliance platform: by connecting upstream and downstream advertisers to join the alliance of small and medium-sized websites for advertisers to provide efficient network marketing through their own advertising, advertising revenue, while providing a platform for many small and medium-sized site. The online ad affiliate platform in this newsletter refers to an alliance platform that has resources for small and medium sites sites or WAP sites.

alliance platform does not have its own products to promote other people’s products

one, League profile,

refers to the promotion of their products advertising, such as Nigeria Union, Jinshan alliance, MOP alliance, QIHOO alliance, Dangdang alliance. The purpose of such alliances is clear, in order to expand market share or boost sales.

of course, the danger I’m talking about is that you’re doing illegal keyword sites. Of course, the profits are high, too. Then, the formal website is no way to make money? In fact, a formal website, as well as making money. Mainly or content and advertising combination of good, you can certainly make money. So how to combine the good advertising content? If you do CPA to download and install the CPS station or the station, I suggest you go for advertising products to optimize the content, try to make advertising products can be ranked, and make an introduction of information as detailed as the topic of the page page provides download or install others. This is the biggest success rate. That way, other people won’t download your stuff because they’re advertising. The highly successful combination of advertising and content is the only way to make money. You can’t use a military content IP to sell ads for your hosts.

• self built advertising alliance

we all know, recently caused a national sensation of the host, the national investigation, bitter on us, these personal adsense. We all know Wangzhuan cannot do without the website, and the website can not earn money is most concerned about. Here’s my opinion.

online advertising alliance, also called alliance marketing Ad Networks, a small collection of online media resources also known as union members, such as small and medium-sized websites, personal websites, such as WAP site alliance, through the alliance platform to help advertisers achieve advertising, and advertising monitoring data statistics, network advertising organization advertisers according to the actual effect of online advertising alliance members to pay advertising costs put in the form.

online advertising alliance members: registered to join the online advertising alliance platform, and through the audit, and at least once put on an affiliate ad and get the proceeds of the site.

Classification of

and now most of the host in the domestic letter of status, website to do our Wangzhuan how most people now choose is to choose the foreign host, while foreign hosts do a lot more expensive than the domestic, especially after this incident, the foreign host is the price soaring. Any foreign host is more than 400 yuan. If you are illegal keyword station, also need to buy independent IP foreign host, the price at least 600 yuan or more. And not necessarily to ensure your host security, foreign hosts have the threat of being blocked IP at any time, I really do not know where the personal website should go now.

online advertising alliance includes three elements: advertisers, affiliate and advertising alliance platform, include advertising and affiliate websites, advertising alliance, data monitoring and statistics, advertising alliance payment, alliance is divided into mode etc..

2. online advertising alliance

Revolutionary Lei Jun millet is the last venture to do tens of billions of dollars, the company has

three months, how to make a new literary site to earn 1000 yuan?

7, apply for the movie monthly, put a little stimulation of the League picture, guide mobile phone registration, general registration is a 10 yuan commission.

even in the same year, the Internet practitioners kick "BAT" and "B" with a "ATM" composed of millet, millet, limelight without the two.

2, to do the proper optimization of the page, select the correct keyword

city first king of the flag. Last year the limelight Masamori company, may go this year; past compelling companies might suddenly become the industry benchmark study. Samsung’s bombing crisis and the sudden emergence of OPPO, vivo, and regeneration, however, illustrate the changing features of the mobile phone industry.

mobile phones are a fully competitive industry, the pattern has been changing. From 0 to 45 billion U.S. dollars valuation, millet spent four and a half years, HUAWEI terminal from $6 billion 700 million to 20 billion of revenue is four years. In September last year to accept the "Chinese entrepreneurs" interview, HUAWEI consumer BGCEO Yu Chengdong taboo use "peak" to describe HUAWEI, his favorite word is "rise"". From the "Curse" in the mobile phone industry as the shadow follows the form.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

8, apply for Taobao or eBay guide consumer advertising, probably every registered one is 4-10 yuan, and after sales commission.

10, do a level of AD, use all BLOG, sh419 stick, group, each big forum. now popular in the popular keywords posted on a well-known website, and then jump back to your site, as if the search engine will not KC your station, oh, I have not tried, interested in their own test it.

Lei Jun never shy away from talking about his ambitions to the outside world, but he will not be like other people will be killed on the battlefield, he usually tone more smoothly, as if to describe someone else’s story. He believes that the true meaning of millet may also need more than ten years to see, and then, he hopes to get an evaluation, "this company has really changed my life."."

not only mobile phone business, millet at the end of 2013 began to layout intelligent hardware ecological chain, a year invested 25 start-up companies. 2014, the domestic intelligent hardware start-ups peak, between entrepreneurs, investors and entrepreneurs are asking the same question, "if millet did your product, how do you want to deal with?"

as long as two years, the famous Internet thinking "preacher" is rarely seen, except for some have to cooperate with the activities, from almost all Lei chores, focus on the business of millet.


by the end of 2014, "Chinese entrepreneur" had an exclusive interview with Lei Jun. At the time of the establishment of millet four and a half years after the completion of a $1 billion 100 million round of financing, valuation of $45 billion, not only that, millet is still a year swept the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, with shipments of 61 million 120 thousand units of the first mobile phone manufacturers of domestic mobile phone’s pick.

4, apply for advertising League skills, as far as possible to guide advertising, click ads do not do or less

interview arranged after the release of millet MIX second nights. Lei Jun’s office in Wucaicheng millet headquarters of the 15 layer, the area is not large, twenty square meters, with luxury is not touch, in addition to his desk is placed around a long table, six chairs. Lei Jun looks tired, with two dark circles, but the spirit is good. The famous model worker, the daily work hours is twelve after night, from the beginning of the establishment of millet, the company will pursue "996" work time, six months ago changed to three days a week.

5, the first month of IP reached 1000, second months IP, 3000, third months to more than 5000.

9, advertising skills: in order to eliminate visitors’ antipathy and search engine friendly programs, please don’t do too much optimization or put too many ads on the front page.

can easily earn 1000 yuan within three months. This is my practical experience. Many garbage station master, and no work, every day by the garbage station to make money, those are masters, maybe if this station into their hands, they can earn 1000 yuan a month.

6, Kingsoft will guide the advertisement, the page into the pop-up code, every day can install 30-100 this is the actual number of my *0.2 a.

1 first collect enough data to generate the HTM page

millet too!

3, landing sh419 and GG, enhance the PR value of the site.