To network planning and research design of the dating sites

was the most serious, network, real dating websites, by good Bole recruitment network CEO Zhu has founded, the website locates in the real and serious, dating provides a platform for the majority of white-collar workers and highly educated friends. As a new dating website, we will be the site of the planning for several years in advance, and through the acquisition of the domain name to achieve the related and preparation of the site, trying to through the website of the website development and promotion to achieve profitability, to provide reliable basis for development for the next stage of the online and offline activities, it should be said that the transfer of with this technology and activities. In fact, before we do dating sites, we have begun to standardize and observe the market, through a complete discourse to express the dating website look, especially intimate behavior, let more people understand the current date formula.

expression is as follows: suppose a date to date, he (or she) presents a lot of conditions, such as education, height, appearance, character and so on, but also B blind, she (or he) also proposed many conditions, such as education, height, appearance, character and so on, if you add a. For example, now many people want to have a house before considering marriage, so the house also added, then the condition is the degree, height, appearance, character and housing, on such a problem, if the love between a and B to spark, so there must be to make a mutually satisfactory condition in between a and B, we call for the match, even if the conditions are not, at least, chances of love between a and B to zero, and if B to have love, then between them The matching conditions will be accompanied by the matching degree increasing, matching degree is higher, the higher the probability of love; the lower degree of probability, and love is lower; for matching level a and B, if B in the party to realize the love, then the between a party must try to please each other, in exchange for the other lower requirements to achieve its matching to enhance and improve the degree of desire to realize their love. That is to say, for the two matching degree is not very high, so to realize the love sparks, so two people in one or two people at the same time to reduce the standard of their own, so the only possible form of love.

this is our blind date formula. Welcome to our website. Welcome to choose our service. Thank you.

to network in the country’s first "online service" and "offline service", both emerging and traditional, complementary network matchmaker matchmaking advanced voice messaging platform and Internet platform perfect combination of the characteristics of service mode. To strive for the achievements of the world concert, this is to the development of the network of purpose.

network betrothed: serious, true, pure, grade, single people we serve sincerely personals, and establish a strict authentication mechanism and membership complaint mechanism through the customer service manual review, shielding members and complaint way bad shielding member, to ensure the quality of membership, personal safety and personal process, in > betrothed

Wangzhuan pattern varied station group is also a good profit model

station group, I believe that many webmaster are more concerned about, A5 group also arranged several stations, group management software Group buy, field hot. Recently, the various keywords in Baidu’s top few pages of events, so that we can see the power of the group, I do not know whether SEOER felt the pressure.

Admin5 on Thursday January 6th version, with A5 on "group purchase channel station group of" development and profit model problems, easy to wash, invite the station and 17 stations, such as DIY-Page, familiar with the station group of friends to share development on stations and stations to explore the profit model, understand the issues related to station group. This paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss.

: what is a station group,


station group, from some simple and popular, is a collection of many sites, the same webmaster has the same theme of many resources, designed to improve the links between the main keywords ranking of these sites. But from the deep, the station, refers to an individual, team or company, unified planning and unified standards, to establish a framework for the website group, then classification management, classification and maintenance, high coupling degree, information can be presented to the site collection based on shared specific permissions.

ask: do the station group how to get the favor of Baidu, is one? There are blogs and websites? And station group effectiveness associated with software


answer: do station group, is not necessarily one, but if the IP is different, can exchange links, improve each other because of the weight, the station group, itself is a resource pool, you more, the chain is big, but it should be noted that the link made this easy to avoid factory. K off. Blog, website can do, if the third party blog, relative may be some difference, individual blog or website, these weights will be related to higher, do stand with the software, only an auxiliary role, but not using the software, there are included, rankings, traffic tools, is always a a tool, how to play, look at your personal ability and thinking. Using software can save you time and do useful things!


Q: station group software, acquisition capabilities need to be strengthened. The best can be independent collection, if it is keyword acquisition, the more slowly to the back, do not know how the data came, it should be the search engine pages. Each time you extract it from page order,


answer: 1, the domain name does not specify the rules of generic collection is currently in development, will soon be available, please pay attention to us.

2, the data source is currently the major search engines and thousands more popular portal, some long tail keywords, the entire Internet itself is not too much, this kind of data generated every day is not much, so after collected a lot of repetitive data will determine, suggest that this class is not very popular keywords can be collected set each less recovery >

Peng Yucheng what skills do qualified Internet promoters need to master

network promotion in recent years, and more and more friends began to contact the network promotion, and then like to network promotion, and finally choose network promotion related occupation. Recently on the Internet there are a lot of friends on QQ group private Q asked Peng Yucheng to do the network promotion staff qualified the required skills, but Peng Yucheng in the network to promote the industry is still in the stage of learning, not qualified to tell these friends as long as what skills can do network promotion, today to take this opportunity to share their feelings in the network to promote the the industry, hoping for some love network promotion friend some help.

to tell you the truth, since the beginning of 05 years of contact with network promotion so far, Peng Yucheng think network promotion threshold is not high, no matter how your qualifications, age, mostly can engage in network promotion related occupations. A few days ago, I also investigated the webmaster friends around them, they have done a very good station, but also have their own operations of the company. However, their age is only about 26 years old, the majority of education is post-secondary or undergraduate. In view of the recent doubts of many friends, Peng Yucheng also talk about qualified network promoters need to master what skills. I hope I can help some friends who like the internet.

1, good execution

whether it is in the company’s work or its own station, whether or not to do a good job, it is critical to do enough is fine, here is the implementation of the work done is not done fine, rather than complete the work. Only the work to do fine, will find the operation plan of the beginning of the shortage, and then can do, is conducive to the adjustment of the target. There may be some theories, but a friend who really works will feel something.

2, quick thinking ability,

network promotion methods have many kinds, of course, not every method is suitable for our promotion, different products, different projects must find suitable promotion method, can maximize the effect. And find suitable for our promotion method, need to have very quick thinking ability, this ability is actually in the usual work constantly sum up. Sometimes I feel the network promotion consideration to their own personality has a great relationship, a cheerful person always has so many good ideas, in the network to promote the industry, a good idea to do network promotion is also very helpful.

3, basic professional skills,

do network promotion is sure to be familiar with the basic skills, first of all, we must be very familiar with skill and method of operation of each kind of promotion methods, recommend in Mou Changqing blog, blog, blog and Jiang Likun Peng Hongwei Peng Yucheng’s nest and other grassroots webmaster blog view the webmaster to write the original article and their promotion experience, slightly up you can take it with. Second, the basic HTML, ASP code is also required to be familiar with, do SEO optimization when you need to use.

if you want to become a good network promotion, marketing planning must understand, website planning also >

Small station sold idle, nothing to write out the process and mood

station sold, idle nothing, write out the process and mood, sun, ha, ~~~


first contact the line of the most basic techniques are not, think of ridiculous, even more ridiculous idea of registering a domain name in the address bar, enter the open space to ask: in your customer service which registered the domain name how to open]#@ (customer service… #*%

after a month of learning, built his first beauty picture stand, called 520 beauty, (new cloud download source) and then full publicity, in particular to a, I have to. What is good publicity, the highest one day to come from 1wip, which pleased ah, what day is almost 40 yuan income (7c and ALI) also bought a week traffic light to sell traffic to earn 300 yuan. In the publicity to more than a month, in addition to capital also earned 500 yuan. Later to restructuring, IP reduction, natural flow in 300 or so, not their mood, coupled with no record for taking off.

in March, was determined to do a normal station, which is now bought the soso entertainment network (hodgepodge, haha), was very warm, because in the Webmaster Station read many articles, are said to adhere to is victory, do not give up, do not abandon…… Then updated every day, insist on half a month income, query a look, Baidu included page more than 3000, natural flow also have 200, so every day with their own station, looking at here is not pleasing to the eyes, look at what the channel address is not easy to remember, and change, change, and so Baidu K is only the home, was very sad, want to give up, but still can not put down, fell in love with this line. After being K, through reflection, until now more than 1 months time, and heavy from included 1300 pages, PR2 1000IP or so.

a few days ago, someone asked me, "how do you stand on the Internet and download the same (previously published on the Internet to modify their own procedures), and asked me to sell,


"I casually replied station 1800"

"can you give me a little bit of statistics,"


"a little bit, click 51yes statistics, you can directly see"


"finally to 1600 yuan transaction, including GG, Ali, the first video accounts, the balance of about 100 yuan" (we give advice is earned, is a loss?)

some people may ask, since insisted, traffic has also gone up, why sell? My view is that the content is too complex, difficult SEO, difficult to develop.

summed up the new Adsense said: do stand, watch hobbies, see the interests, are pursuing their goals, as it will be like their own pets, care, care.

Potential risk of anti season promotions

a lot of entrepreneurs are able to see the new season promotion brings, so have altogether come to invest, do not know which of the shallow water depth?

clothing as durable goods and goods can be preserved, the most popular. While winter is absolutely useful for the jacket because of its high price, high conservation value, anti season sale become "the use of space for time and space saving money" wishful thinking.

but well-known brands of annual design, style of the mysterious business retention, generally not season sales, the well-known brand and the strength of the general inventory crisis does not appear or cleared behavior. The Guangdong famous trademark "Wenhua down" as an example, the brand operation for many years, has accumulated a wealth of market information capacity and inventory management ability to control inventory is one of the focus of the entire sales operations management.

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This paper from the whole network (

The way of big operation how to construct new media website ecosphere


‘s so-called new media web site refers to the "titanium media / Tiger sniffing / love fan /36 krypton" represented by "organized, disciplined" development of UGC website platform, compared with traditional media sites of these sites.

borrowed the concept of "WEB2.0" with the rapid development of operation mode of the "user generated content", it can better meet the needs of users in most areas, or the latest information technology, or the depth of analysis reports, or exclusive viewpoint. In this article "represent the general trend of new media and the reality of the ceiling" (link: the rise of new media, the author respectively analyzed and summarized and the future road: "so, to take potential after the new media are needed. This road, to put it bluntly, is the old problems encountered by the new generation of those who are from the traditional media, the new media is no stranger to the head." My understanding of this passage is: the rise of new media is due to "caused by the social environment, the new media is the inevitable result of the rise of the Internet influence on the media industry, the development of new media to better, you need to understand the future road, on the way to the wound, but (as follows) three mountains. The "three big mountains" refers to: their own positioning, business model, credibility. Indeed, whether new media or traditional media, in the course of its growth, can not avoid meeting the above three difficult problems.

but I think that the new media of the new things the invention of motivation, is to change a way to solve these unavoidable problems: new media technology is already very clear positioning, the UGC model is to solve the "how to compress the operation cost of the business model in question, as new media" business model selection ", is also a fixed answer, that is all known" network products business model "(with traditional media profit model or some other areas). This, as a new media, has solved two problems in the three mountains "(now who also dare not say it will fail in the future), so far the only credibility problem.

first let us analyze and analyze what the credibility is. In the ceiling, there are some explanations for the public trust, and personally feel that the explanations are not specific enough. The so-called credibility should be equal to the influence, it is media value: a media without credibility, would not be acceptable to users (not influence), unable to get user acceptance (there is no way to get the influence of the media, media revenue) is no value (or live). Our understanding of the credibility of the media is not very difficult, the real difficulty is how the media to obtain credibility (the ultimate problem of new media development)

can be sure that all the media are in pursuit of higher credibility, can also be matchmaking >

Failing experience frustrated by the operations of the daughter country

do the daughter of the country and also had a hundred days, watching the dying daughter of the country, was quite heavy, once vowed to say to the friend, daughter of the country within half a year at least a month to make a profit of 3000 yuan, while the October earn hundreds of pieces of advertising fee, plus 100 tickets (the market price of 70 yuan / Zhang) performance is almost 3000 blocks! But still lost! Because the popularity of a daughter of the country already fell trinidad.

today: 356, yesterday: 829, the highest daily: 4134 ", from this set of data can be seen clearly, the economic downturn, daughter of the country also had no popularity! Do community is really difficult! Was very confident:" we want to make the largest daughter of the female community I do, you will be successful! I’m not Bruce Lee, not an all rounder, in failure can also listen to summarize, you help me analysis, how to make a website


1. because I was an editor, only thinking about how to promote her country, write more convenient, this is my advantage, such as a soft Wen like, many people can accept it! But I am a don’t know a program with SEO, daughter of the country once the problem appears to be looking for a friend to help, help oneself all feel shy, moreover quite strange to SEO, simply do not know what! These two points to cost me a lot, do not know SEO from Baidu to very few people, people from the GG to almost zero, the real came in, is all I organized interesting activities under the line so in the source! Member, daughter of the country is far behind the SEO


2. daughter of the country’s popularity is money out of the heap, saying that children can’t set the wolf, daughter of the country began to pay every day, such as in the Olympic Games during the post Championship day to send 50 yuan bill, second to send 30 yuan bill. Usually often engage in activities to send gifts, take the capital a lot! But when the dust settles, no activity, daughter of the country will become very quiet, I can’t believe it! So, my strategy is wrong, and ultimately money out, a popular time is up, but in the long term is The loss outweighs the gain.!


was once the daughter of

3. my biggest mistake is in her country to talk about feelings and well-known female friends, feeling this untouchable, the girl in her country and we often exchange, a large number of fans, the most recognized in the daughter of the warm-hearted good MM! I don’t care to talk about feelings with others, falling in love is wrong, the consequences as can be imagined, a top half site who suddenly left, she and her friends left, posting the girl country fell by nearly half, from the 2000 day post dropped to 800 post appearance, originally many sponsors for me, the results are not to ignore me. Let me sad! This is the most fatal blow, so the administrator must not easily move well, love bubble girl forum, touch >

Baidu K station expedites the quality of the Internet

also saw many websites have been K, very sympathetic webmaster.

Baidu included in the agreement is a highly repetitive site may not be included, in fact, there is a high repetition of the site does not guarantee K.

Baidu K station does make you upset, but this is the positive side, will make many webmaster slowly to the website quality and user experience, resulting in the overall Internet qualitative change, of course, is the right direction, and we are in the development of grassroots webmaster bedding and epitaph.

everyone wants their own site to see, promising, but due to lack of knowledge and improper methods, or is just beginning, everything is in learning and imitation, and the search engine is not so friendly, for a temporary garbage dump, so easily K, the webmaster is very pain is a loss for Baidu, you can say, all of the sites are of high quality at the beginning of the

out of the ordinary?

Google in the friendly, let many webmaster praise, but also by Baidu Google to suppress it, only slowly over their roots, one day he will be successful in the official career, and Baidu can guarantee the same as you.

is like writing a composition, two articles like the same, definitely only one get high marks, do stand also, so say original thing is still very important.

K website is only temporary, but this is a valuable experience, it slowly let you know what is the future site, put in the time and effort is not easy to give up their own website, but also make others respect.

20 thousand IP film and Television Forum failed three major reasons

20 thousand, IP’s film and Television Forum, three major reasons for the failure of business

I have personally done a television forum, mainly Hongkong TVB series, was well developed, which reached its peak at 2Wip, but ultimately failed to analyze the following reasons, I hope you learn from you, avoid the bend of the road I walk.

first, the members and moderators contradictory, improper handling

I have a forum moderator to delete an old member of the post, the members are extremely dissatisfied, combined with a plurality of old members asked me the administrator to give a statement, I did not fully understand the truth, will directly support the moderator’s approach, results are combined with a number of members of the old members can I resist this forum, caused a great loss of popularity.

second, server unstable,

film forum, must have their own server, and the server should be stable, when I started the forum due to low popularity, so the website run quickly, but with the number of online website is more and more high, the forum often appear white screen phenomenon, one can adapt to the member, if you hit it several times I will never again to the forum, also caused great loss of popularity.

third, lack of moneymaking planning,

at that time, my site up to 2W IP, but with the increasing popularity, my server could not stand up, I want to change a better server, but I suddenly found that almost no profit, experienced friends all know, television station GG advertising price is too poor, and removed GG advertising, I had no other income, while the television station is to burn, no money, the server cannot sustain. Now sum up, the above three reasons is the cause of the failure of the forum I speak now, I hope you learn from the above problems as soon as possible to deal with the method to make a station, otherwise open to head back, film forum is a bad business, due to a loss of popularity before the station is too big. So now I change to another new business,, hope can be developed


webmaster news list

How do you manage the personal web site of IP daily traffic

for many webmaster who set up the website, all know is, want to let the website development more prosperous words, get web site high popularity, high flow is very important. Because today’s people are through the flow to identify the credibility of the site, so the flow of access is every webmaster friends are more concerned about the focus of the topic.

see a lot of people’s personal website can harvest every day to tens of thousands of IP traffic really make people very jealous, but IP 10000 flow personal website is how to do


is not all people can achieve the higher flow rate, so the high traffic site exactly how to do it? For many webmaster friends, only to see other websites glamorous appearance, but did not see each other in the effort, so anxious.

need to tell you is that here, any thing, eager for Chengdu is of no avail, will not help people achieve any effect, so you want to make your website can also be promoted to IP on the personal website of the tens of thousands of traffic, you must know the persistence of the words. Do not say much nonsense, so that the majority of webmaster friends to see how to get higher flow.

first needs to study the keyword of the website. Because the keyword is very important, a lot of market potential keywords has not been found, if you can find it, then you can create a new world for the website to get more harvest. Second, you need to determine the domain name of the site as soon as possible. When choosing a domain name, be sure to let people see what your website is doing, and the detailed domain name allows Google and YAHOO to more easily crawl to the site’s information. The next thing that matters is the design of the website.

in the design of the page, we must focus on the optimization of the picture, but also need to ensure faster page loading. What you need to know is that no consumer will be patient enough to wait for the web to slow open. Especially for the homepage of the page, it is necessary to ensure that the picture is clear, but also to ensure fast page loading.

The best way for

to design a site is to clear the Javascript code and use the external CSS file to ensure a simple design guideline that will make it easier for people to find the site. In addition, the web site of the chain, published articles and related statistics are very important. Through these detailed details, you can make your site get higher traffic.

this article by small ant blog original start, reprint please retain copyright and links!


From the case of the Imperial Palace theft, grassroots Adsense how to grow and develop in the future

the Imperial Palace sees the stolen treasures, many people guess it is American movies in legend as a matter of fact, only 58 hours, cracked the case, to recover the treasure. But the perpetrators are Shandong a little-known young thief, according to the trial, he almost didn’t what big crime record! Not to mention what blockbusters in the classic thief. Why does he succeed? Why dare he challenge the national security of the the Imperial Palace museum? Is the newborn tiger not afraid of tiger


with these questions, I think the development of grassroots Internet webmaster! In fact, I think, whether we can do grassroots webmaster personal annual income of one hundred thousand, million! If we can have a one hundred thousand IP, five hundred thousand IP personal website? May be a lot of small grassroots webmaster did not dare to go but want to borrow this! The thief make the Imperial Palace incident, whether we can have feelings! In fact, seemingly difficult thing, perhaps the only appearance we scare! In fact, the fact is that we did not dare to think, but if you have the courage to challenge, maybe you can make a million years into the website of the Shandong 83 years! Small thief is not the Imperial Palace also broke through security, take the the Imperial Palace treasures!!! Is a word, not surprisingly, only to do! How personal Adsense can break the siege, the success of the Internet to grab gold That is to strengthen the executive force!! want to, then do not be overcautious!! nothing is impossible! As long as you have a dream, as long as you dare to take the first step, perhaps you can also from the Internet heavyweights where a piece of


some time ago to do a new station with two level domain name do! The main content is to design the QQ note name, QQ note prefix ( but because I was the two level domain name, I think the weight than the top-level domain WWW domain than low, low! I think my station is lower than others a head! I have been afraid to go to exchange Links! I think this station may not have great development space! It has not to update, also did not go to the management! Is occasionally own some webmaster forum send links, the quality is very low! Sadly I have no confidence in their own station, so never add new content! Nor to find high quality materials to do so has no original content! What flow! This is all in your heart trouble! Afraid, give up! So the station has been half dead! But this Palace Museum heist after the event, I have learned! Maybe things are not as I imagined so difficult! If we have the courage to challenge what top-level domain, what the high weight of the opponent, maybe I’ll have the chance to go beyond your


so, I’ve also developed a development plan for this two level domain name QQ memo station,


1 ensure weekly update three to four article original article, search the QQ note name, good material symbols, expand QQ personality, relevant content notes around the theme of the site QQ group! Do! But don’t lose the user experience, called for.

Do early experiences should pay attention to the guest to share

1. when the guest first step, familiar with the operation condition of the Ali mama.

do you want to be a guest, you can’t ask what ah. At the very least, you should know how to find the goods, how to post, and how to send the link to your space. In fact, this is very simple, I failed the first operation, and then gave up, and after two or three days, and want to play, the whole two or three minutes will be.

2. promotes what you have bought and feels good.


my first guest article is born. When I first entered the mom, see so many goods, I do not know where to start, had read an article, say you want to find information about what you are going to promote goods, will be more persuasive, before there are so many commodities, not as I know. Depressed under, I closed the mom, after suddenly flashes, opening my buy baby, then the names of those and I had done the business owner, copied to the Ali Mama search dispensers, see them under the name of what I bought, so I found the first my goal, and the name I have just bought the underwear. So, I wrote my first guest paper and did not find any information, only copy of her description of the goods, the other is my true feelings at that time. And I write this article very smoothly, and do not take 10 minutes, because understand, write too fast. So, my friends see this, I should understand it? This article "bad" the article is how to write out of it? You only have to turn down your "buy baby, you can also write articles like this.

3. choose the first thing you like and buy if you’re a buyer.

I bought the goods after all, not much, and some shopkeepers did not join Ali mother, so can not help them promotion. So after I promote the goods, pick their favorite, a glance of the phase. Like the pig pillow, I liked it the first time I saw it. Although I didn’t buy it, I was impressed by the price, the pictures and the introduction of the goods. It’s only 19.8 dollars. If I’m not afraid of being called by my mother, I promise to buy it. Unfortunately, none of these goods have been sold out. But anyway, to write an article on the space or forum, perhaps what people will see, and with his first feeling of writing, rather than to check up the data copy, is more vivid


4. recommend a sure product, and don’t take it lightly.

bought it like yours. After you use it, you’ll be familiar with something to write; if you don’t buy it, you like it, you’ll often see it, compare the price, and have something to write about. Don’t recommend goods that you are not familiar with because of the high commission. Just like me, some stores that sell clothes look for me and ask me to help promote clothes in their stores, but I’ve never bought clothes online

How to optimize the success of individual substitution method

confused, many practitioners engaged in website optimization, the most difficult problem is to make their own core keywords how to enhance the rankings, especially in front of other well-known websites. As far as the author’s research is concerned, the problem is not difficult. As long as more skills and careful sum up, there must be a chance of success. For example, I study the optimization of the word "villa", there is a little bit of experience. Now share it with you.

The term "

villa" belongs to the ultimate core word, and it is very difficult to raise his noun. First of all, Baidu’s ranking of the word is analyzed. In addition to Baidu’s own pictures, Wikipedia, in front of the PR is more than 5 of the portal. But also found that a small problem is that there is a personal website, Baidu snapshots stay in 2006 and 2007 or so. Moreover, the content is simple and not readable. Another point is to analyze the keyword structure and description language of other websites, so first of all, you can’t lose to your opponent.


substitution method, we will be able to understand a simple literal. Analysis of the opponent’s page structure, as far as possible to imitate, but local content to fine tune, otherwise, Baidu sensitivity will find you are cheating, according to the first into the first, most likely K out of your page. At the same time, analysis of Baidu was included in the description language of the other site, as far as possible and he vividly. Finally, the impression of the Baidu robot is that our station is very active and should be guided by the news from the active link in the station. Interested readers can visit my initial optimized website, which is a platform for villa trading, interested in communicating with me as much as possible. Substitution is not difficult, that is simple to other websites and illusion, opponents of the site is K off is the best policy. One important and the column can not imitate, to use different skills to deal with, in short is the optimization of exploration practice. There are no successful books to learn from you.

well, that’s it. People who need to learn can talk to me, QQ871116635.

Analyze the model of the hottest startup site Pinterest the web of things

NetEase technology news March 13th, Pinterest has now become the hottest Internet start-ups. Previously, it was reported that its users grew faster than Facebook, and its share of traffic exceeded Twitter. In this regard, "New York Times" Jena · Voight Hamm (JENNA WORTHAM) published an article, analyzes the Pinterest growth path.

the gist of the article is as follows:

, according to foreign media reports, how do you get your startup to attract people’s attention? You might not have thought of using the large numbers of ordinary Internet users, but Pinterest has achieved great success.

Once a year the

was held in Austen Texas, SouthbySouthwest (SXSW) interactive conference on science and technology, many start-up companies in order to get people’s attention, tries to please scientific elite and influential blogger, and held a variety of luxury at a party or a variety of stunts to make.

, but Pinterest, the most watched social networking site this year, has not taken that approach. Instead, when it launched its service in Pinterest2009, the company tried its best to seek advice from ordinary Internet users. The site allows users to create "Boards" (maps) where they can collect pictures from the Internet and share these pictures with friends or strangers.

Pinterest, founder and chief executive officer of the · (Ben Silbermann); Silbermann said: "we will Pinterest display to ordinary users, fashion blogger, handicraft producers and various hobbyists. The original Pinterest users from Des Moines (Des Moines, Iowa State capital), I was growing up there, Pinterest has gained rapid growth there."

pinterest declined to provide specific data on growth, but data from market research firm showed that the company’s traffic was growing exponentially. Market research firm Nielsen reported that in January this year, Pinterest alone in the United States has reached 16 million 100 thousand independent visits, double the figure in November last year.

, this is the growth that entrepreneurs dream of getting involved in the SXSW interactive technology conference, and many of them are puzzled by pinterest’s strategy of focusing on the interior.

Chris · Dixon (Chris Dixon) said: "before the development mode of start-ups, entrepreneurs must develop a product or service to New York and San Francisco and other regions according to the user preferences, pinterest>

B2B website grows at a high speed, industry website fractionize is inevitable road

December 7th news, as of June 2009, China’s total size of e-commerce websites have reached 12282. Among them, B2B e-commerce service enterprises have 5320, while the industry B2B e-commerce website (also known as the "industry website") is the main way of e-commerce application in small and medium-sized enterprises, is the leading force in China’s B2B e-commerce towards professional development "".

from 2002 to 2009, the number of domestic industry B2B e-commerce website industry sustained rapid growth, the number of sites from 2007 to 2008 increased more than 4500, more than 5100, the growth rate is 13%, the momentum of rapid growth.

according to industry China’s "traditional enterprise management industry network" data show that from 2008 to 2009 growth rate is as high as 100%, and presents a professional, subdivision, large-scale trend.

industry website segmentation is the inevitable road of Internet development

It is reported that

, compared with the comprehensive e-commerce sites such as Alibaba, global resources comprehensive e-commerce trading platform, the domestic industry portal does not have the full general mass of information and comprehensive services, but with more and more difficult to find the information you want on the platform, and a decline in trade platform quality, additional charges too much, plus on the national macro-control focus on domestic factors, arouse industry to the Chinese electronic commerce field in the future will be again about comprehensive service platform or specialized vertical portal is king.

in recent years, with the rapid popularization of e-commerce in the manufacturing industry, enterprises have realized that professional B2B platform is more suitable, especially when the economic crisis, buyers and sellers at this point of the consensus intensified. The crisis or challenge that platform providers may face is another opportunity for market segments.

industry insiders assert that, with the listing of the Chinese manufacturing network, the listing of China’s comprehensive B2B platform will temporarily come to an end, and then will usher in the development of vertical B2B e-commerce. Domestic venture capital sources revealed that their recent investment direction more inclined to some of the hot industry vertical platform, such as auto parts, new energy, steel, building materials and so on.

in 2009, the industry website also won a hitherto unknown development space, mainly concentrated in the growth of the number of magic, the traditional enterprise selection for network, increase professional vertical website prosperity "industry website market" win "comprehensive e-commerce platform".

industry websites need to provide deeper applications to compete with the integrated platform. With the integration of industry and enterprises, and industry / enterprise cooperation business network, in-depth industry characteristics and the relationship between supply and demand, and related products, provide accurate industry net membership services and advertising / exhibition training services to users.

currently trades in industry segments / industry / Enterprise

A garbage station owner’s three years experience in building a station

2009, the financial crisis years, everyone in the discussion of how crisis in-depth, and how to subsidise crises into opportunities, and I was in the "personal website crisis" to meet Zhangjiajie tourism network chief Zhu Wanzhang: a very thoughtful webmaster, and in his introduction, lucky and Cai Wensheng once had, and their understanding and exchanges and mutual discussion, let me understand more things to deeply, in order to achieve success".

today flytian wrote an article "why waste station is the best choice of personal website, now in retrospect, I don’t like a garbage station? Exactly is a very good garbage station.

first travel website

had just graduated from school, what all don’t understand, and some people work hard in school to put their "shaping" personality strength, instead, I like a lump of mud is molded to shape a few years to go, what shape are not out, it was thrown out school. I found my first job in the travel industry in Zhangjiajie, the company is not big, and I have a website of my own. I once asked the boss XX hotel information, "said the boss of Baidu in Zhangjiajie, the first few rows of the site in, then find…" I found, according to the operation, open the web site to see what is really a lot of (by now, the website is very general). From then on, on the website of the magic of the things very interested, then from every day to see the website, understand the site, collecting some data and information to the website editor, and later I could tinker with a few Frontpage (the company is a pure static station), know meaning of website code, you can make some simple on the page.

was SEO,

2006, when its own pure static site, think it is OK, and because of less competition, site traffic has been relatively stable. One day coincidence, and found the meaning of the English word "SEO", search only to know that SEO is the search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization), also known as search engine optimization. At that time, rumors on the network very much, said SEO is the highest realm of webmaster, said don’t have any technology can learn that the technology is not going well for me this webmaster, just like when picked up one of the martial arts cheats as happy, fell in love with SEO.


just contact only know the word SEO, want to go to school, but I never thought, the Internet is full of information, see this article: SEO even debate whether to have their own artistic? Do not quite understand. Later, I took great effort to add to a self proclaimed master of QQ, intends to worship its door, ask him to guide, how to learn SEO, since then began his own SEO Road, but also understand a lot, such as ">!"

How to develop a new hot pot restaurant

operating hot pot shop threshold is very low, almost no will not do. But you want to put a small Hot pot franchise business can be full of sound and colour is not simple, it contains a lot of knowledge. Even if the hot pot restaurants also need to regularly develop new cuisine, then open a small rotary hot pot franchise should be how to develop new dishes?

How to develop new

A. attention to market demand trends

B. from the frontline staff to conduct market research

Direct contact with

management personnel to encourage staff to manager regularly feedback they collected from the guest information, and then combined with the management of the market trend and competitor, and discuss the chef dishes development, where managers plays a guest with the kitchen and contact information, collect and provide the proposed role. Of course, the development of specific dishes should be more respect for the views of the chef.

C. found new ideas through competitors

measures on how to develop new dishes Hot pot shops, shops survival creative decisions. So do pay attention to the competitors and product trends, and thus get improved restaurants, the development of new dishes inspired. Smart restaurant operators can not regularly to a rival restaurant, or through the investigation, analysis and judge the opponent on the customer, and learn from the lessons of the experience of others, the development of new products and dishes.

in such a particular era of creative innovation, complacency will be out of the market, operating small stores and so Hot pot. Continue to develop new dishes for small hot pot restaurants, to maintain long-term customer appeal, always maintain a sense of freshness, I believe you recommend

How can a non mainstream station survive

hao123 collects non mainstream websites and positions non mainstream stations. This is incorrect. Each of us has the right to speak mainstream culture, hao123 included non mainstream cultural station, positioning is the mainstream culture, standing in the network of influence, rather than mainstream culture status. If one day no longer search engine included mainstream culture station, is not the mainstream cultural station cannot survive, of course not, for the mainstream culture, only by transforming to Xing non mainstream station of mainstream culture, offer a solution for reference:

first: site positioning.

positioning here, needless to say, mainly to seize the mainstream cultural opportunities, like non mainstream positioning of the station. For non mainstream cultural transformation of the station, the first to consider what station, mainstream entertainment stations, women’s mainstream stations, and so on.

second: profit form

this is every webmaster attention, example: non mainstream QQ step on each other, anatomical profit model: Feng Shui place to earn money, sell the previous position, advertising alliance, 2 major force model. Network is a virtual world, the reality has red, network species, like red, how to seize this situation, so that their own profitable. Pick up – – in the last "do women stand, do not have too restrictive" kind mentioned slightly, here will be specifically for network draft programs, planning.

A: take female stations as an example, the columns can be divided into age groups, beauty and body clothing, luxury products, health, gender, emotion, constellation, entertainment, Taobao, plus new mainstream XX talent column, forums and so on. Make a propaganda competition station.

B: profit, perhaps I say this down, it is difficult to do, simple point, selling products, the last part on how to do a female station has been mentioned, here I want to talk about how to do a good job of network draft,

1, find a good sponsor. Here sponsors can choose which businesses you buy.

Why is

looking for sponsors,


if you don’t want sponsors, can you,


answer: yes. The premise is that you have the strength to organize each phase of the event.

is it a little off topic here,


answer: No, this is the transformation of the high-level mainstream cultural station.

then someone would ask how to organize such an online talent show,


A: the identity of the competitors (small fish can only be free, one fish raised, then change the fish tank, in other ways, only buy products, customers have the right to participate)

B: conditions should not be limited too wide, too high,

C: prizes – the right way to reward, not allowing the sponsors to refuse, but also allowing competitors to accept it.

D: fair and just, don’t lose a lot of contestants for a little prize.

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How to use QQ group to popularize website quickly

do promotion when using QQ group to a lot of people say that advertising will be more annoying to be out, I want to say is that you didn’t get the promotion skills, method is below that of the methods I started Chinese engineering auto parts network promotion, although it is not very good but I do not feel wrong, and share with you, please exhibitions.

this time, I want to say is using QQ group to do the promotion, a lot of friends to say, you send the advertisement in the group will be played, I began to use QQ group promotion is often played, how to do? Since joining others as their own QQ group kicked built QQ group, so it will not be play, apply for a member of the QQ, and then open the 4 groups, each group of 100 people, after the upgrade can gradually add the line number, the group built up and then apply for a QQ number of groups, with group after group when the number of online publishing group in the group you built the information in large everyone hopes to join a group to promote their own, so your group will start with, so you can send ads, although you built group also don’t send the advertisement in the group, the group announced to send you the ads, and often chat in the group Building connections and networking, you can always bring friends into your website.

while others in the group will be playing but we have to apply a few QQ female number, each number plus group, and then open the information of a single group in the group, to write some kind of information, so if your site is useful to him and he will not resent thank you will get information, most of the people who will come to your site to see, if your website content is very comprehensive and site to do good, then they will remember your site, visit the guest will become your website, through my personal experience, I feel this is the most effective method, because a lot of information in the group of people, a lot of people constantly refresh, so there are a lot of people do not see the information you send. Here I want to remind you that each number of times is not too much, try to find each group in the online people, because too much QQ will continue to activate constantly modify the password sent to a landing time, so it will not be easier, only a few days to send.

in the application of several QQ, adding some Links group, website cooperation group, and then write some recruitment link information in the group, the group is advertising links, so as long as the appropriate group will not kick you, through this method will give your website a lot of IP meet the right, the site can also link exchange or cooperation, it is worth mentioning that there are many personal webmaster and website marketing personnel links and cooperation group, they will install the Alexa toolbar, when one click Alexa will statistics once, to improve the world ranking is very good ah, ha ha.

want to help you webmaster, QQ:947148130, this is my QQ, and hope to communicate with like-minded friends on the network! This article by w>

How to improve maternal and child supplies store marketing skills

mother and child shop brand, choose the right brand shop, so that it is more relaxed, then opened the maternal and child supplies store, how to improve marketing skills will be better? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

improve the energy-saving method of store sales, maternal and child products now on the market demand is very large, start Baby products store is a good choice, some details of business shop must grasp, operators also need to master the operation of maternal and child supplies chain’s skills, which can make maternal and child supplies chain management to do good effort.

how to improve maternal and child supplies store marketing skills? The business volume of maternal and child supplies store, we do not advocate only passively wait for customers to come up, of course, this does not mean we do nothing in the shop window of maternal and child supplies, as a career, every part of it is related to each other, such as maternal and child supplies store class will no doubt is the key, how to but now we want to explore the design not store, but maternal and child supplies store management how to store maternal and child supplies store sales to benefit.

how to improve maternal and child supplies store marketing skills? But when a baby products store in a shopping district has air plant, sales stable, promotional activities become routine activities, all kinds of tricks are in use, many operators are likely to lose the direction of improvement. In fact, the improvement does not require earth shattering move, only the heart, a small change, over time can bring great improvement.

maternal and child supplies store sales basic analysis method: passenger / guest single analysis. How to improve maternal and child supplies store marketing skills? Is the sales = passenger * passenger list (passenger flow refers to the number of visitors to the sales records, the customer refers to the customer in the store the average consumption of each transaction). To enhance sales, stores can do two aspects, nothing more than to improve passenger flow or improve customer price.

is a chain of maternal and child supplies shop owner if not all, then it will make the investment to maternal and child supplies store money dashuipiao, this is not all investment dealers flicker. It can be found that many operators in the business failure because maternal and child supplies stores, or neglect of maternal and child supplies chain management, and the maternal and child supplies chain, meet the eye everywhere so as the loss of the case, maternal and child supplies chain store is mainly left heart.


above is about how to improve maternal and child supplies store marketing tips, I hope everyone has to pay more attention to only the mother brand is good, the choice of the way, so as to get a good marketing.