Methods using the wrong keywords to get traffic to share



love Shanghai index can prove my point of view, although the "QQ diamond yellow" the love of Shanghai index is not high, but it’s less competition, it is easy to be able to row to the first. A little more afraid of long,


QQ; the words "yellow drill love Shanghai index.

Let us look at the "

this already belongs to those sites, these sites we difficult to compete with the big website. In the first row of the QQ drill emperor’s official website, the second is Shanghai love their own website, the third is a high quality source of news website. Traffic was three points to go, getting a little traffic in the home can, if the row in the second page is certainly not much traffic. The site is not strong chain, no original content, it is difficult to put it into the home page keywords. Long tail keywords and too much competition, which requires us to have flexible thinking, dare to use the wrong keywords. For example, QQ drill emperor keywords users typing is easy to go wrong for "drilling QQ yellow



grassroots webmaster want in love Shanghai for more traffic seems to have become very difficult, although sometimes it is not original, but also can bring us much traffic. Keywords hot events are major sites off the small website is very difficult to get a slice of. How do? Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner are usually advised to do the long tail keywords. In fact, long tail keywords is not good to do, you will do it, somebody else will. We are doing the long tail keywords, we did not flow. There is a saying: one boy is a boy, two boys half a boy, Everybody’s business is nobody’s business. Everyone knows the truth, the development of the search engine requires our Shanghai Dragon technology progress, Shanghai Dragon technology to follow the search engine.


said, QQ drill emperor is a QQ Tencent recently new line of business. We all know that the Tencent has a large number of QQ users, if the new Tencent out of business will have a lot of friends concerned about, want to know how to open. In the Tencent powerful user group promotion, search volume QQ drill emperor is very large, traffic is also very objective. Keywords can bring great flow, how could our webmaster go? The words make up is not an easy thing.

is really not what competition


brings the flow is also good? We don’t go to the high index keywords to join in the fun. Brains think, dig some wrong words, it can also give you a lot of traffic. The original 贵族宝贝hackdh.>

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