How to tap the user needs to create high-quality content

in medical and health aspects as an example, if the theme of the site is about insomnia, but also for web users to share, how to solve or alleviate insomnia aspects. We can go to the search box to enter the Shanghai love "insomnia" at this time, the drop-down menu to display keywords is the first of the "treatment" that is the best treatment of insomnia, insomnia, user needs maximum content. We can determine the needs of the key words of "treatment" of insomnia, because this is the highest degree of content users pay attention to insomnia.

with a low quality page on the Internet which is more than the face of several hundred percent of the duplicate content search engine, face their own published on its Web site of the original article, be endlessly copied and modified become unrecognizable, was again and again in different name, released to high weight platform different to the original rather baffling. You worked hard, in the search engine results in a display of plagiarism.

two to love Shanghai search engine keyword search to determine the type of the demand.

demand determined through the analysis of website can provide content.

but how to create truly meet the needs of users, is really not easy and pofeizhouzhe thing. Although the webmaster is indeed spent a lot of effort to do a lot of the original, but not a few original article is the user really need, this fear is one of the most depressed and melancholy. Hunan Changsha Jian Shanghai Longfeng optimization in you talk about, how to use Shanghai Dragon technology to dig out the needs of users, and create a truly high-quality content user needs.


we love Shanghai to search "insomnia treatment method", in the first show is the love of Shanghai elected, demand content Q & a love Shanghai know, "how to do" insomnia "often insomnia is what" insomnia "what to eat" these three words. Love Shanghai search results page display content, are also in line with the three key contents of demand. So we can roughly determine about "lost"


when the magic of the Internet and search engine, so once again hurt your feelings, ignore your efforts, you still have to continue the original power down? Are you still create high-quality content and brains? Jane Shanghai Longfeng optimization in endless trouble for this problem is proposed! Perhaps the recent love Shanghai the spark plan, gave a lot of original owners a lot of comfort, perhaps in the near future there will be love Shanghai original alliance, can heal the heart of the original owners a little scar.

in the user experience Optimization for today, quality content must be to meet the needs of users. But according to the needs of the user created content, is wholeheartedly for the user to solve the problem, also can have the attention of the search engine. Below we through the analysis of user search behavior and habits, to skillfully mining user needs, to create high-quality content, clever. The Shanghai dragon Jane sub optimization process is divided into three steps:

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