The Internet industry how to optimize the network advertisement

Banner also known as advertising banners, advertising signs, it is one of the most popular forms of advertising on the internet. We can see them in a lot of information, product class website. It is generally a 468× 60 the size of the picture, but it can be any size (468× 60 392× 72 Banner full size, full size with navigation Banner, 234× Banner 125× the 60 half size, 125 square button, 90 button 120× #1120× 88× #2 60 button, 31 small button, 120× 240 vertical Banner etc.). Banner advertising pictures can be static, or dynamic. If the picture is static, the general format for the JPG, the dynamic general format for GIF. The browsing user by clicking on the Banner advertising can jump to the corresponding page of the website advertising links, so as to achieve the purpose of website promotion.

General ) advertising

refers to the so-called network advertisement publishing and dissemination on the Internet advertising, including through hyperlinks to advertising on the site, let the public users to learn more information advertising vendors, to achieve the purpose of online advertising. The development of Internet advertising is very rapid, after ten years of development, the network advertising forms has been accepted and adopted. Many companies in the Internet advertising to promote their products, or the promotion of its website, in order to achieve the promotion of enterprise benefit.

static Banner display advertising is one or a few fixed pictures on the page, but this way is dull and boring, it is difficult to have innovation in many enterprises, the actual effect is not ideal, so click rate is not high. But if the picture is well designed, the user can grasp the eyeball and expression characteristics, there was still a certain amount of clicks. Originality and uniqueness of this major test picture of the advertisement design, if >

with the rapid development of the Internet, the Internet has become the fifth media after television, radio, newspapers and magazines of the four traditional media, it is not limited by space and time, so many companies advertise on the Internet can also get unlimited business opportunities. So how do we utilize network advertising opportunities for enterprises to create value? First of all let us know what is the network advertisement, so as to better targeted.

on the Internet, online advertising can be said to be everywhere, a variety of forms, innovation, summary, Internet advertising can be divided into the following:

Banner ads can be divided into three types: static, dynamic and interactive.

1.Banner (Banner Advertising

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