The traditional enterprise how to play the Shanghai dragon encounter

is the Shanghai dragon methodology, and strategy research. Detection of good industry keywords changes, a long time to maintain key thesaurus updating and maintenance, add new words and good real-time, data collection capabilities. Regular analysis including thesaurus change, change new index index changes, etc.. And do the research of regional, gender studies, occupation category analysis research, terminal fingerprint analysis work personnel.

for the traditional enterprise, established in the market, still with rich technical resources accumulated and stop a market share, generally within a short period of time is not a big problem. Even in the face of challenges and threats during the buffer period is longer, can have sufficient time and resources to adjust strategies and ideas, create new strategies to reverse the situation.

dialectical point of view, the traditional enterprise scale, patterns have been identified, resources and resources, between departments, between the application and the system of close ties and curing, difficult to break easily, the adjustment requires time and efforts. In the face of market mutation is not easy to take active measures, is likely to be a step backward, step by step to keep up with. The gradual loss of dominant position, facing the deteriorating business situation.

two words good presents a dialectical relationship, that is the main advantage in any existing in facing the two aspects of a situation.

, the Shanghai dragon lock market demand emerging subject

any one industry, the market may be growing is also likely to become narrower and narrower.

the reason lies in the overall social and economic development model in the mode of transition towards a faster and more flexible. The market demand is more and more important in the allocation of resources and to be respected.

weak market, on the surface of the existing product features has been unable to meet the needs of the market, both fixed mode under traditional enterprises, it is difficult to get rid of the shackles of the courage to have one, with the continuous decline, the gradual loss of market share, and ultimately lost in the competition in the market tide.

expansion of the market, will continue to have new competitors to join, relying on flexible strategy and keen market insight, accurate grasp the part of the market share, and as an opportunity to continue to grow up. The final challenge for traditional enterprises.

growing in today’s e-commerce, the traditional enterprise how to use network marketing strategy to lay the face of the emerging markets and emerging business models encounter is imminent.

Chinese ancient words well: Great trees are good for shade.; another one is: small boat u-turn.

pay attention to long-term and periodic assurance work. Three days fishing nets two days of drying and work hard for the practice is not desirable. In the era of the Internet economy, the emergence of new markets and are often hold overnight, sometimes even if we do research on the periodic law is likely to miss the market opportunity, and.

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