Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform to remind the security domain domain name on the impact of Shanghai


domain contains keywords to optimize the impact on

Analysis of the influence of site The June 25th

platform to push a WeChat "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform remind webmaster to pay attention to the security domain", the general meaning is: some criminals will be hijacked the webmaster domain name, domain name resolution method, the domain name resolves to other malicious spam sites, improve their website traffic by the weight of your domain. Domain name hijacking to a malicious web site, will affect the user experience of the website, as well as normal visitors flow loss.

domain name is normal, it will significantly affect the included website, some time ago love Shanghai also remind webmaster, DNS server using GoDaddy, sometimes not normal parsing, causing the site index volume declined many webmasters. The DNS domain name domain name can not be normal due to the unstable Baiduspider analysis to the corresponding IP, this site is dead in the opinion website, naturally not included the content. If the content of the website can be Spider included, that almost no at all optimization methods to optimize the website can do well, the core content is the premise. So the webmaster choose the domain name registration, but also should pay attention to the DNS domain name server is normal, not because of the small details of the impact to the optimization.

domain is not only influence weight dispersion

some Adsense in site operation, the use of multiple DNS to the same web directory, trying to make multiple domain names can access to the same site, increase the user’s traffic sources. Shanghai has clearly stated love platform, multi domain access to the same page is not conducive to improve the rankings, because multiple domain names will be distributed outside the chain should belong to a separate domain and influence, is not conducive to a separate domain get better ranking. For web site operators, the first to confirm a good mind to understand the domain name as "the only domain", focus on publicity and promotion, the rest of the domain name >

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform after the launch, has been providing the latest industry information, and the search engine algorithm for webmaster friends, Xiao Bian also pays attention to the WeChat public number. They can timely attention to the message platform. To pay attention to domain name security love Shanghai issued, will naturally think of the influence of Shanghai Longfeng optimization domain.

may take into account the domain name should be included in the main keywords in the domain name registration, may optimize the website main keywords of the play the corresponding role. This statement seems to apply only to the Google search engine, for the love of Shanghai domestic search engine, the algorithm does not specify this. But in the domestic website, webmaster registered the domain name will be considered from the user experience point of view, the domain name is more likely to be as brief as possible customers remember more easily express brand awareness. If the length of the domain name will affect the optimization effect, Xiaobian can affect factors of user experience, the optimization will have a certain degree of influence.

domain name included

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