Let us love Shanghai big update made what changes

three, the website automatically give you add a tail template



the love sea K station influence is relatively large, but there is still a very.

because before many websites are no restrictions on the number of information release, if there is a collection of good website, every day was over there, after a period of time this column was rotting, love Shanghai never included. In view of this situation, many sites have set a number of daily information release, of course, if you are working with the website, you can pay a fee to release more information, but also can have business links, will certainly require the article should have certain quality.


is now the classified information website filled with all kinds of ads and spam, spam messages, especially in medical inside the column, resulting in many sites now medical column weight decreased, the article basically not included. So in this incident, many sites have increased the release of information on the audit efforts to effectively eliminate some junk information, whether it is beneficial to the user experience and the site itself.


two, reduce daily information release number

in 6.22 to 6.28 this time, love Shanghai carried out a major update without warning, resulting in many sites are K, the web site snapshot, snapshot not update, included and the chain plummeted, ranking suddenly drop phenomenon. Just after this incident soon, I also found some changes, now classified information in the published articles included less, and even some high weight of the second site is not included, there is an audit of information becomes more and more strict, especially the medical information. These have to let me and the love of Shanghai big update link, this love sea K station spread is more extensive, in addition to medical site, Taobao guest site, outside the small business site, I think a lot of classified information website is affected, so the operation on the site has also made various adjustments.

, an increase in the information audit efforts

I think a lot of extension workers at the end of the paper to write on some information in the information, like a fixed template, mainly include: the company name and address information, address, contact information and so on. Others may be added at the end of the web site. So in order to avoid this, I found that some sites do very well, as long as you are registered on the site, fill a variety of information, the website will automatically help you to add the tail of the template. This adjustment is convenient for the release of information, making the layout more concise, improving the readability and user experience.

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