How to correctly use the TAG tag function

tag tag is a double-edged sword, use of good can make a great contribution for the website ranking, use may be also caused by K site is down right or disperse weight. The number of tags to strictly control the number, do not have too much, too scattered, if you have dozens of articles on a website, webmaster without control label the number of cases, each article add multiple labels, tags and keywords appear in the dozens of articles in too scattered, will appear below a label only 1-2 article (article the exposure rate was not increased), will feel a lot of

2, in the process we use the tag tag function we should pay attention to what

1, tag tags on our website optimization, what are the advantages? Tag labels love Shanghai or users, are the very love, when the spider and the user view the contents of the site, the article title and tag tags, can directly tell them what is this article to speak, for the use of the webmaster tag tag can increase the exposure rate, increase the viscosity. For example, we do a Shanghai dragon blog, which has a "Shanghai Dragon Technology" tag label, when an article for visitors to view the "Shanghai Dragon Technology", "want to continue browsing the Shanghai Dragon Technology", the user can click the "Shanghai Dragon Technology" tag tag search "Shanghai Dragon Technology" related articles and reading (of course, site navigation, classification, and related articles such as plug-ins can effectively increase the exposure rate, compared with the tag tag is more accurate and more specific and more flexibility). An important part of the tag tag is our website internal links, reasonable application can be achieved: to improve the spider visit depth, reduce the site’s jump out rate, on the site of centralization, etc..

, TAG tags on our website optimization, what are the advantages? In the process we use tag tag function we should pay attention to what? When they find your site TAG tags shall not be used when how should we make up these three questions?.

spam (make a site jump out rate increase and cause weight, dispersion) which is very conducive to optimization. In general we recommend a label at least need to hold.


tag label, tag label actually has many kinds, such as the title tag, description tag (Title Tag) (Description, Tag) (Keywords Tag) and keywords tag. Today we are talking about is not these, but the TAG tag plug-in function, it is defined by a operator can summarize the main contents of the keywords, it is more accurate than the site classification, more specific, more flexibility exists. Believe that blogging is useful to this function.

First of all we know about what is the ? This chapter mainly discusses

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