Defy the law validation of the consequences of modifying the site meta (below)

do stand up Shanghai dragon, in many cases we see the keywords ranking, the change of meta behoove, changes to the website is mainly reflected in the keyword rankings, there are two maps can know, second days I am optimistic about the "Zhuhai Shanghai dragon" was used to love is the first one in Shanghai, this is the first time to love words on the first day in Shanghai, although I’m sure to first is an unstable phenomenon, maybe tomorrow will go down, it is not what I expected, ranking quickly down to the original position, but this anyway it is a good phenomenon, that change is conducive to ranking; there is the "Zhuhai website optimization" and "Zhuhai website promotion" two words is a lot of the rankings.

always said to myself, "do something, do Shanghai dragon more is to do something. First review the articles in an article on the "defy the law: validation of the consequences of modifying the site mete (on)", a brief description of the situation, under the changes before and after the change of the meta website known, changed the general information website mete over a period of time until you can see the effect of changes. At least until the next update. In writing this article to defy the law: validation of the consequences of modifying the site meta (under) "before and after the two is a small update, so we can conclude that the changes brought to the site.

please note that the focus here, we see the modified Title:

draw like this result, I put forward problems are analyzed:

      from the above Title we do a word: Zhuhai, Shanghai dragon, website optimization, website promotion, blog, desert Yoko "Zhuhai", which appeared 4 times, "Shanghai dragon" appeared 3 times, thus the site title is very conducive to the "Zhuhai Shanghai dragon, Zhuhai website optimization Zhuhai >

problem: the modification of major changes have? What changes will happen this way?

After the

      < title> Zhuhai Shanghai dragon _ Zhuhai website optimization _ Zhuhai website promotion _ Shanghai dragon blog – Zhuhai Shanghai dragon desert Yoko blog – < /title>

(this is the May 6th inquiry)


because it was the night of May 6th, it is Friday night change, so just met second days (May 7th) an update, snapshot update over, so they can see little change, there are pictures and the truth, we see the contrast before and after modification of


(this is the May 7th inquiry)

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