Summary the four factors affect the web search engine ranking

NO4: other factors

!"In the four big search engine ranking

NO3: user

points: residence time, visit depth, bounce rate, return rate, page sharing,

analysis: your web site in the search engine click rate is high enough, the user to your site above the residence time, the number of page views, whether there will be sharing and collection, visit, whether now or in the future, will is an important factor affecting the website ranking. Because the search engine has been to model the user’s habits.

NO1, the content of factors


points: access speed, code optimization, page advertising, website structure, content layout


analysis: whether it is the year of "the chain for the emperor, the chain is king" era, and now the "customer first" era, links have been playing an important role. How to steadily increase the chain effectively, how to carry out the internal links layout, is also a highlight of the optimization work.

analysis: website content quality is website ranking, the accumulation of users simply. If there is no good content can retain users, even if others do better, finally will be in vain. A few key points listed above, it is time to add the content of the website optimization, personnel must need to take into account the problem.

points: within the chain, the chain

analysis: in addition to the 3 aspects described above, some neglected factors will also affect the page ranking. For example, your website open fast, page code is simple enough, advertising will affect the users to read, the content of the page layout is reasonable, these are the most basic "user experience"

above is the boats to share today, I hope to help novice webmaster friends. The article comes from agricultural products: 贵族宝贝, reproduced please indicate the source.

optimization personnel are most concerned about is the search engine technology and dynamic collection around all day what impact will affect search engine rankings. In fact, influence factors in the web search engine ranking can be simply summarized into four aspects: content, links, users and other factors.

points: relevance, originality, readability, scarcity, timeliness, authority and practicability of

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