Select the site Keywords broad and narrow and ordinary special PK


special for offbeat station, station

broad brand for portal station, station

broad website often brings is difficult to optimize, now the webmaster want to hold the website has more traffic, broad keywords has become the choice of points of some webmaster, in fact, if you are an ordinary personal webmaster do not choose the kind of broad keywords, the keywords are only suitable for broad for those who do brand stations and portals, such as "women, shopping, life, property and so on these words, these words are big words, but behind these broad words are the brand with the portal in front, and for individual owners to choose this kind of words is the establishment of appropriate.

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stenosis for industry station, station

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common keywords for the local station, station community




personal Adsense in site operators are generally not able to compete with so many websites, so we can choose some narrow keywords to build web sites, such as we have to do a learning class website, and learning is divided into many kinds, but now I set up a web site is to test the construction and division of the site, now I have a very narrow web site keywords "two construction division examination network, two construction division examination data of narrow", although these two words are very narrow, but it can bring good traffic to our website, for ordinary webmaster, choose some narrow but someone search words to establish a website is the biggest opportunity, if you choose some broad words to create a site, the site is always in the search engine 100, whether you take much effort, I Want to harvest as a narrow words in love Shanghai home is better.


website keywords has become a webmaster desire many websites now because the key problems and the emergence of the flow of small, difficult to optimize keywords and so on, keywords and placed in front of many webmaster choice also appeared in the two way: broad and special keywords and keywords PK stenosis as a common. An ordinary webmaster how to choose according to their own needs and website keywords appropriate to talk about the following specific?.

Keywords Select the appropriate

some special industries have their own special keywords, such as a popular hot words in Sichuan, do not know if you do not heard of hot community, Sichuan as a large community exchange website, the spicy special words covers too many people in Sichuan heart, can say this kind of special words are only suitable for some offbeat the website and the earliest website, for example, Sichuan has a spicy community, if you have to engage in a spicy forum, users will have little effect to? I want to do this, so for the ordinary individual owners, special keywords is not said we choose.

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