Taught you how to deal with Google update (I)


do the foreign trade products to obtain the high quality of the chain? Here Huoying Shanghai Longfeng to tell you is not only a method, but a fusion of Shanghai dragon years Google Huoying summary optimization concept solution. Accurate to say that it is a set of solution for the foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng company’s current predicament and design scheme. It can be seen from the resource station began to build, the whole company data and information resources, unified management, rational distribution, can maximize the various departments, each operation link efficiency. Since you won’t worry about the chain, pseudo original content, to solve the 2 key problems of content and the chain, but also worried that the website ranking does not rise

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recently friends always ask me why, Shanghai dragon can come through the promotion of the website Google Penguin update, we promote the products almost, for what we promote the keywords ranking can be maintained in the

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most of the foreign trade companies generally will arrange each personnel responsible for the promotion of Shanghai dragon 5 station, need the chain number posted on 150-300 every day, hoping to make up for the deficiencies on the quantity quality. But this approach and Google Penguin update the concept is obviously, so there will be a lot of draw further apart, companies complain how website promotion more ranking lower? You have to ask, what is the high quality of the chain? Just PR? Certainly not! Huoying Shanghai dragon think high correlation, high weight again plus PR is the 3 elements of the high quality of the chain.

today to share a case, a foreign trade company (K) the basic organization structure and work flow chart, see how they are using our scheme to manage the Shanghai dragon company, so as to achieve the promotion of the per capita 20 sites, station IP100+ on the amazing effect. Because K is one of the earliest free participation in Huoying X1 beta company, so only authorized Huoying their operations in Shanghai dragon details publicly. Unauthorized Huoying Shanghai dragon will not disclose any customer data.

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we all know now and then expect SenukeX, Xrumer or a pure software automatic web site optimization is not dependent on reality; black black chain method such as gradually become the past. However, return to the pure manual time? NO! And do not say labor costs rising, the excellent Shanghai Longfeng high staff turnover of these factors alone, Google continues to change, punishment and drop right happen every day, if you do not promote a large number of sites at the same time, it means that you may be closed with so! Artificial promotion + automatic is represent the general trend this model is our long-term test, down a minimum punishment probability model.

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