Share enterprise website after the revision of the Shanghai dragon diagnostic opinion

third: at the bottom of the site anchor text link error, at the bottom of the site added link anchor text keywords, use different keywords all links to the home page, there are 2 non site map keywords, links to the address of the site map, this is not conducive to the user experience, is not conducive to improve the site keywords ranking. The revised weight decreased, not suitable for web optimization too many keywords, page layout too many keywords, easily lead to dispersion of spider weight, can choose the main keywords of around 3, in the bottom of the site layout, if want to optimize more keywords, can add.



second: reduce the keyword density, increase the anchor text link. Keywords "website optimization" mainly lamp density to 9.7%, currently is ranked 17, detection of website home page keyword layout can be found, the number of words appear a lot, but the anchor text link to the first page only once, so the key layout, spider it is difficult to distinguish between the words is the main keywords, not to the main keywords more weight. In the home company profile first appeared here "Keywords" miner’s lamp should be bold, and the anchor text link to the first page of.

: the first revision after a 301 redirect site after revision, and not the old URL redirect to the new site, which was included in the old site of Shanghai love, became a dead link, dead link long time can easily lead to the spider on the site without punishment. At the same site 3W URL not directed to the 3W address. Website optimization is mainly with the 3W web site, in order to weight not scattered site, can not 3W. 301 redirect to take 3W site. (recommended love Shanghai launched website tools)



website weight recovery

fourth: add breadcrumb navigation. In addition to the top and bottom of the site navigation, website page and no breadcrumbs, regardless of the user or spider into the inside pages, it is difficult to continue to grab the other page, suggest to add the bread crumbs to site navigation, navigation format: Home – column page content page at the same time, read news, add to the content page, "a" and "a" navigation, increase the spider crawling channel, also improve the user experience.

enterprise website revision in October because of the miner’s lamp, led to the site keywords ranking disappear, weight also suddenly turned 0, I did not expect the revision will bring big changes to the site, but under the master please help analyze the site, diagnosis also really thank the friends to share the website Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic opinion, if your site has the following optimization problems, reference can be modified. To reduce losses due to improper site optimization.


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