Shanghai Longfeng for what The weight and flow site than can come true

you see three small print title may think I am nonsense, but it really is the reality, here I tell you why commercial word will appear in the three.

love with a recent popular movie or novel website, the website is just a movie fire novels, there is no other website content, no user experience can be said, then this movie or novel name repetition makes keywords in second or third pages to make the website the weight of this period, some webmaster put the website to do Links sale to earn a little money. These movies and novels are no longer popular, the index dropped after this website is meaningless, the webmaster will make a website cycle of this process.

web site until now time is not short, from the station had become a rookie obsessed Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster, at that time there is always a little vanity to have to show others how to show off their high weight website, PR, but never let others know their real traffic website. Now I gradually found that Shanghai dragon this thing on the website of the operation is not really useful once I imagined. To explain Peng Jian opinion below:

what is the first non commercial words, we can understand the non product and transaction type words such as: rabbit, Afanda, One Piece, Shanghai XX love video, XX novel reading etc.. This kind of words are nouns, such as this kind of words to be able to optimize the top brings the very big flow, the website can use these traffic earn advertising fees, but often these words in front of search engine are Associated Media platform and love Shanghai own, so many webmaster to optimize this such words can only let them rankings to page second page third.

Now many webmaster

this is a class of non commercial words in his love of Shanghai index is very high, even photographed second third pages to a website can bring high weight love Shanghai (here only is the webmaster tools love Shanghai, weight) webmaster can take this high weight website to show off everywhere thousands of tens of thousands of traffic, but also you can go to exchange some good Links even obtain a certain price in the process of Links trading. But the website traffic is really high? We convert a thinking point of view, for example we want to see the One Piece cartoon. We will love Shanghai search the word "One Piece", under normal circumstances if the animation update will appear in the search results to the front of the media, so we will not further down the page to find information. In addition if it is looking for information users, they believe that the first is some encyclopedia and library, and the true on the second page third is almost no one.

non commercial word flow but the difficulty small profits of small

commercial word small difficulty small flow but the profits are small

, a small degree of difficulty.

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